Línea negra

tattoo of
vertical life
exists along
seeds inside
beautiful skin
I show you
a drawing
from the inside
Línea negra


my Sunrise-written in 3rdIperspektiv

raven tinted luminescence
crawls across the horizon
lashes of light
open up
and kiss the velvet sky
virgin sunshine
offers herself to the indigo skyline
she leaves residue
of pomegranate along his smile
lusts pains
paint sage and purple streaks
where they once lay
orange meets bright white
as sunshine meets her peak
molten lava
she has risen
to seduce night
once again



Tick Tock Tick
Tick Tock
Tick Tock Tick

my life; enveloped with emotion
almost a strung out devotion
I was a junkie
hooked on this thing called
I found myself floating with those from above
but that time is gone now
replaced by one that heals
while it wears my soul down
the mountain in front of recovery
seems too high
I am taking a breather now
my arms are rested on my thighs
I start to move again
running faster
breathe out
halfway up the hill
I am now flailing my arms about
I reach the summit at full speed
take off like a bird
flapping wings so fast
the clock can’t be heard
Tick Tock Tick
Tick Tock
Tick Tock Tick

a little bit softer now……..
I am healed


poetic suicide

I feel as though
my time here
is coming to an end
I want to leave
a final impression
for all of my friends
the jocks
the nerds
the suits
the straightedge
the hippies
the herbs
the skaters
the bikers
the gangsters
the clubbers
the hangout all niters
the multi-
the women
the men
the preachers
the sinners
the saxophone
the violin
the drums
the bass
the turntable
the case
the lawyers
the doctors
the eyes
the face
of anyone that has crossed my path
heart left warmed by
water; life
casting long memories
no matter the sun’s height
my time on earth is over now
I can’t escape the inevitable
can’t hide or run
I am thirsty before I go
I make a drink
blue ink from a metal flask
pour; enjoy
tick; tock
time pasts
I drop to my knees
take up the pen
and squeeze
my final impression is left
all over the walls for everyone to see
poetic suicide

Something for you

to think of you
is an unwrapped gift
anticipation builds.....nervousness is replaced by a smile
no matter what the lord puts between us
luggage, cities, countless miles
I will never forget the space that you occupy
I wish that forever I could hold your hand
wipe the tears when you cry
witness all of your problems disappear
when you need to talk, give you an ear
be your everything
or anything
if you like


She loves me, she loves me not

Feel as I feel. Is that poetic?
is it possible for you to hear me through a sequence
of inaudible sounds shaped into frequencies
that bring my spirit into your world
beckoning me like the Sirens of Odysseus
intoxicating me with the allure of your spirit
just to crash my hopes and desires on the hidden beaches
and cavernous caves surrounding the entrance to your heart
once loved but now scorned; feelings
scorched like the world’s southern most desert
lips dry
parched flesh
yearning for the afternoon oasis of kisses to set your heart aflame
our love is coarse and dry like the ram’s fur of Aries
never escaping the desire to be together
but hating the time when we are


BONNIE & CLYDE::by anwar::ekphrastic

good night:painting by andrew nichols
BONNIE & CLYDE::by anwar
a poem of epic proportions

Bonnie couldn’t figure out what was taking Clyde so long to come out of there.
She had begun to worry that he may have been shot. "God damn it Clyde!!!", she screams as she slams on the gas pedal of the silver 745. She sends the car flying into the intersection in front of the bank and then pulls hard on the emergency brake. "Now spin the wheel hard to the right", she can hear him say inside of her head. "I know damn it", she says to herself being as stubborn as usual. She always hates it when he tells her how to drive, especially in the quarter to eight. This is her ride and she has it
sitting parallel to the bank and the police barricade outside of the bank. Bonnie has blocked the entryway so that someone can only enter or exit through the rear door of the car. She climbs into the back seat and pushes down on a button in the middle console. A compartment opens up and reveals two high-powered automatic rifles, two nine millimeters and a few grenades. A smile of exctacy pours over her face. It shows that she gets off on this, a lot. This spur of the moment thrill this bank-robbing ride to hell and back, anything goes for her man and she was ready to do that now. No FBI, no police, no snipers, no one, will keep her from getting the man of her life and the love that keeps them whole.

See, Bonnie & Clyde, they both share an unwavering lust for the money and all things that come from it. They have blazed up and down the East Coast through banks and holding houses of some of the areas finest institutions. Now they have hit the mother load, the Federal Reserve Bank sitting right in the middle of Boston’s financial district. They had picked this final job together, a first. Clyde always called the shots so Bonnie was happy when he approached her about planning it out with him. Clyde called it the payoff of a lifetime, because of the location. One highway, with both north and south access directly in front of the building, waterways three hundred yards behind the building and then, there is the train station. Placed 100 feet away from the front door of Boston’s moneymaking machine, lies one of the largest spider webs of public transportation known to man. Its called South Station. With rail lines and bus lines going to over 1000 places every hour on the hour then not to mention three extra lines for the local community, this station stacked up to most in the country. What it lacked in size, it provided in confusion to anyone not aware of its many tunnels and schedules available. Both things necessary to those that not only wanted to remove themselves from the vicinity in a very short amount of time but also cause as much confusion as possible when doing it. This was their planned method of escape. Bonnie planned it that way.

Instead, Bonnie finds herself in the backseat of the car loading shells into her pump shotgun and trying to calm her breathing down before she pulls on the bullet proof vest. She silently goes about her tasks as chaos exists outside the vehicle. The snipers have positioned themselves to take a shot as soon as she steps out of the vehicle. The car is wrapped in bulletproof glass so they’d be wasting their shots before they needed to. The snipers don’t know that so she plays a game of cat of and mouse with them. After her bullet proof vest is on, she pops open the door and then slams it closed really quickly. Instantly a two-inch bullet ricochets off the side of the glass where she is lying. Bonnie pops her head up and then a second bullet ricochets off of the roof. "Ok ", she says to herself, "that’s was 4.7 seconds". 4.7 seconds, to get out of the car and into the building before the snipers explode her head with one of their bullets. The door is two yards away; the snipers are reloading and aiming, waiting for the next shot. Bonnie takes her weapons in hand, kicks open the left door with the butt of the gun and then opens the door on the right with her free hand. Bonnie hears the first shot ping off of the ground right outside of the left door. They fell for her bait. 4.7 seconds she dashes out of the right door, 4.3 seconds sniper’s bullet leaves gun, 3.9 seconds the door of the bank is open, 3 seconds the bullet enters Bonnie’s right foot and exits through her left knee cap. She lets out a scream as she falls into the doorway. Her body seems lifeless, teetering on the doorjamb, half in and half out lies in plain view of the TV cameras. Every detail is caught on film and the entire country has been watching this standoff live from their living rooms. Now they watch another drama within the one that has captivated them for over an hour. They sit and watch as a convicted killer and bank robber fights for her life and crawls to find her lover…..

"Bonnie!!!!", Clyde screams as he hears the next shot. Bonnie lies there in a pool of blood and Clyde runs over to her in his futile attempt to save her from eternal demise. He runs over to the doorway and is hit with a sniper bullet in the left thigh. The second pierces his heart. It renders him motionless for a fraction of a second. The force of the bullet drives him down to the ground and he lay there, pinned to the cold marble floor of the Federal Reserve Bank. Bonnie reaches over to her lover and they pull into each other’s arms. Coughing blood and retching violently, breathing her last breaths she utters these words………………

my dear Clyde
our time has come
such a beautiful ride
the money was endless
but the thrills aside
I had more fun showing you
that I am a down ass chick
through all thin and thick
for you and us…...oooh in this I only trust
I will stand by your side
till the day I die
or we die together
our blood splatters forever
remain on the concrete of which we lay
people in the future will speak about this day
the time they witnessed true love with no bounds
in these final words my love can be found
I am happy and finally content
my head finally resting where it needs to be
In your arms
for all of eternity....…….. exit


always and forever - ekphrastic: poem by anwar::art by henry lee battle

my vows that day:
I have loved you since
the first day we met
the second time we kissed
the third time we fell in love
the fourth time is this
it is an honor
as my heart grows fonder
to take you as my wife
not till tomorrow
but for the rest of.......
......my life
forever changed when
rings twisted
betwixt our essence
intertwining lips to commence
our union under heaven’s
smiles & bulbs
hop over broom
feet; legs dashing
nervousness replaced by
eternal happiness
fast forward to
a picture of this
honeymoon bliss
bodies locked tightly
fire breathes deeply along your hips
release the passion from within
gushing; rushing
touching your lips again
rapture draws me in
our breathing
combined in perfect harmony


we live together in the arms of destiny
always and forever
that’s what this love means to me


Only a matter time before you get it

click clack
the sound made
when pulling back the trigger
on a 50-desert eagle
see this weapon
is specially
manufactured to move another bullet
into the chamber
before the last one
has exited the gun
sound like fun?
ever shoot a hand cannon
in a crowds direction
watch the bullet
colors as it
smashes through stone
children’s bone
then finally
leaving someone’s dome
all over the cement
the gory stuff
we haven’t even got to yet

click clack
the sound made
bullet leaves nose
of my
metal life switch
I love to turn niggas lights out
sometimes at the same time
I can get him and his bitch
save time/save bullets
just walk up on em
take out the steel
and use it
bullet enters body
severs tendons
moves around the chest cavity
searching for an exit
hits the chick beside dude
she’s laying beside him
I am already jettin

click clack
the sound made
by the gun put to rest
placed up under my arm
inside the bullet proof vest
click clack packed away neat
I can feel the heat
from another spent shell
I am addicted to that
noxious sulfur smell
the night comes again
the huge moon pumps me up
for some more
walk the streets
searching for more
unsuspecting peeps
mission accomplished
I don’t feel like running
I need a ride
see a black sedan on the corner
someone sitting inside
their loss of life
not mine

click clack

don’t move
or we’ll blow your fucking head off

clack click

the police have me surrounded
following a tip
from a nosy neighbor
for two days
the sedan outside my apartment
been watching my behavior
report reads:
perp leaves by 7
returns by 9
walks with a limp or something
drags his left leg behind
consider him armed and dangerous
and keep this in mind
murders been committed by
a 50 cal desert eagle
this type of weapon
can blow off a grown man’s knees
before you finish a sneeze

don’t move
or we’ll blow your fucking head off

blow it off then
aint no way in he world
I will spend a day in the pen
from my 50
I unleash a volley of bullets
click clack
click clack
click clack
the police and D.T.’s
fall dead
holes from chest to back
click clack
click clack
click clack
sirens, screams, flash of light

clack click

oh shit
I think that I am hit
cops move in
you aint taking me alive, I scream
I hear the last


gun explodes in mouth like fireworks
cops start to yell
too late, you pigs
my soul forever
click clacks
in Hell

First date

"My favorite color is yellow"
she says
through her wicked smile
the awkward miles have been passed by
through conversation and laughter
as we speak and move together
my heart races faster
should I.......
or should I wait
- wait - conscience replies
the result will be better -
so in my patience I reside
then something happens
did she just.....
was that a......
am I seeing things…..
it was…
I think she was just checking me out
an innocent glance no less
but one for me to count
hopefully to be followed by many more
her profile
invite my courting words
her lips
move in time
her spirit
matches mine
she has me smitten
yes I wrote that last line
it wasn’t a Freudian slip
I mean what I say
no matter when I am saying it
noon or
8pm at night
she takes a left and
another left
my house on the right
"why do I want to go home"
the answer should be easy
the reason is something
that I did not want to risk
going another minute
without having your


(v/a) -::last words of an abused child::-

I don’t want to die
but I’m going to
I mean
mom and dad didn’t like me that much anyway
during youth
consistently reminded
backhand slaps
forward kicks
forceful terms of endearment
my favorite
- I wish that you would walk down the street and get hit by a car -
through time I found that
I didn’t need to walk far
an 18-wheeler jackknifed inside my living room
spewing garbage
gifts of true voice
feelings; unwrapped
from: mom and dad written on the side
all because I reminded them of
- the hard times
each stomp and scream
would really mean
- boy I wish you were never born
I’m tired of working four jobs
my feet got corns -

daddy never really came home
he was too ashamed; frustrated
that I couldn’t be another woman for him to beat
I had to be a son
whenever daddy did come home
he would knock me on my head with a beer bottle
and mom would laugh as I pick up my teeth
place them inside my pocket
I would look towards the front door
wishing to be
darkness resides
their words:
I hate you
if you had stayed inside
I would have
elevated my mind

smoked weed
bought cars and dresses
spread around my seeds
but no,
here you come
with a big ass head
looking like your mother
wish I could bust you in the face
like I do her
but you aint worth it
fact is
you aint worth shit
stuff on the bottom of my shoe
that’s what I got for you and your ass
with a little heel for some added class
mom and dad
for taking out on me
what you couldn’t see
wasn’t my fault at all
your words
helped me grow into
the animal that I am today
I see you in the crowd
not even looking my way
can’t you see
the lives that I took
where in honor of you
just trying to get attention
like when I was a kid
you would’ve been proud of my murderous rampage
the burning memories of a child
used as fuel to excite fear into victims
before the final knife thrust
in death I trust
so I sit still in the face of it
even in this electric chair
I learned from you
that I should never shed a tear
so I don’t
forever set up in jail
big guy over there
wearing the blue
wry smile
bout to hit the juice
send my soul to Lucifer
thrown into the eternal fire
20 murders
paid in full
all with one pull of the switch
my body
my life ended
just as mom and dad wanted
papers read
Monster executed this morning at 10:22
to his murders he gave no excuse

I couldn’t read it
lost my eyesight
from years of your Verbal Abuse


rollover sex

I am dreaming
white capped waves
smashing against stone enclaves
engorged peach
juices trickling down cheek
strawberry and cherry Jell-O kisses
topped with whipped cream; chocolate chips
frozen ice melts on nips
forming wrinkles around tightened skin
hairs stand straight on end
sweat mixing in
with silk and latex
air fills with aroma of
beautiful sex
brown and black
internal fire
external moans
waves through bones
repetitive body shudders
words in foreign tongues
a sickness
caused by
the rushing
water sloshing
gushing feeling
of sweet
cum remnants
freed from their dark prison
traveling down knee
shared with wet sheets
seconds pass by as
heat rises inside loins
of captive vessels
chin firmly nestled in shoulder
resting; nuzzled
breast shoved into chest muscle
gasps of air
paint pillows with
auburn shades of wet matted hair
the spider webs locks
tie hands and arms
into upright positions
legs create playboy shadows on walls
in this rollover free for all
your touch stirs me
your wetness
frees the beast inside
next scene
seems like
drummer enters room
flesh being beat upon
brat a tat tat
brat a tat tat
tat a tat brat
start remixing the track
headboard cracks
bed falls
we fall
clock falls
it reads


Whispers from the trees

sitting in class, reading through a history book
I find myself drowning in handed down university gossip
it seems as if historians and presidents shined lights on our past’s shadows
leaving entire passages whited out
our words washed away
blood stained
splattered; stretched ropes remain
formed into nooses once used to release spirit from anything black
dark flesh rots
ripped; torn apart
on the bark of trees bearing negro fruit
the trees limbs so laden with innocent souls that
lifeless toes touch blades of grass on their ascent to heaven
I sit in my chair under the arch created by the hanging tree
and search around looking for messages dropped to the ground
from hands clenched tight together; holding onto their last breath
pain riveting from the neck down to their blood stained coverings
I am listening to the trees’ whispers
last prayers of the dying
free me
free me
oh heavenly Father
free me from this place
where my skin color has become the measurement of my livelihood

I look around and find spots of blood
remnants left over
from post mortem beatings
not red but purple stains remain
the type of blood that exists only inside the veins of royalty
those of my past’s kings and queens
now reduced to a slave mentality
lifeless bodies hung on trees to catch the summer breeze
left in a way
to teach dem other negros lessons about wanting to be free
that’s what the massa say
well now massa is telling me another story
he teaches democracy
and how it has always existed for the right of human beings
he goes onto say
we will enforce democracy
the pilgrim’s thanksgiving on plymouth rock
and stuff it down the throats of anyone not willing to eat our words of subjugation

subjected we were
to plantations
tilling mother earth’s creation
until finally
raping her of the opportunity to grow us out of here
foreign country
we once never knew of
a mind will always revolt unnatural surroundings
what you called disobedience
our ancestors called
survival of the quickest
I turn the page in my history book
and find it blank
my pen starts to write a new history passage
recycled words dropped onto the soil that my ancestors watered with their own
blood; sweat
urine; tears
from bodies hung in the summer breeze
becoming fertilizer for our future
producing Whispers from the trees


krazy love affairs

light auburn
eyes; skin
as I
look in her direction
she returns
a sultry; curvaceous
sweaty palms
joined with
nervous cousins
of shiny beads
around my forehead
10 fingers
grasping tightly
to the pole
as the train prepares to stop
her stop
in my direction
as if to say
shyness grips her cheeks
the burning sensation
melt her lips closed
she can’t speak
damsel in distress
flashes across her chest
but he
the courageous one
offers a hand
in her verbal quicksand
excuse me miss
did you forget something
my brain
begins to
offers passages of
lyrical blessings
the words flow off my lips
like water from a fountain
what time will you be by?
she asks
back to reality
I am caught off guard
been day dreaming
gone somewhere
as my alter ego took charge
if I haven’t explained
I have a problem with the ladies
all of the things included
with the opposite sex
when the time comes
to seal the deal
I run and
hide inside
this great
big old head of mine
then it’s his turn to shine
that dude
with the
I know you want me
the salesman that’s always closing
always leading the pack
never roaming
sexually charged
testosterone bully
standing tall
erect through it all
he’s mastered
every single
cat call
when women hear his growl
panties fall
when he starts to speak
knees grow
putty in his hands
this super
lover man
with soft
inviting hands
he reaches out
and places
of luxurious
never ashamed
never assuming
just resuming
where I left off
I am not a supporter
of the fact
happen to feel
the opposite of that
I am guilty
of pimping my mind
to get me to places
my own words
can not find
dual personality
one part
one part
but they don’t seem too care
the endless
women of my
krazy love affairs
they feel involved
with a two for one deal
rkelly and jay z
best of both worlds


Dont kill the messenger

the messenger arrives/burdened with notes they have sent/he said, she said, we said
my head/fills with caricatures of/children’s nonsense
words written/verses roasted over hot coals/spitting vowels of
conjoined hatred/dark mirrors show reflections of/competitive natures
drop of blood remains/dried to the carpet/stabbed in back by
lyrical prophets/crucified words/become resurrected
arranged and twisted/remixed around/ensuring the devil’s profit
words/used as swords/slay giants of human folklore
help/create change in human life/what we are here for
love, honor, respect/grow to rich/from poor
use words as fire/light the path/ahead of you
never walk in the dark/let words/spark
conversations of fellowship/brotherhood/write scenes
that smell good/not putrid/excrement of satan’s pits
train minds/to become/harmonious confines
create/verbal concubines/married to
positive messages/youth can inhale/dissect into written passages
scribed in scrolls/pages of text books/scrawled on walls
hung on plaques in the hall/words that will not fail/now or tomorrow
my page/is torn/eyes perplexed
feeling/spirit hexed/between
doing right and wrong/help me sing new songs/raise the bar
loving arms forever wrapped/around the waist of our future/for decades long
my word is bond/I can keep going on/but the messenger is out of ink
voice strained/from screaming/yelling to an empty room
head bowed in disgust/over what we think is us/doing right by the lord


come write with me - revisited

I decided to do an audio version of something that I wrote called
Come write with me

click the link below for your listening pleasure
Come write with me audio link


I hope that you like it
Let me know what you think taure:anwar:rodrigues


Dreams are the dew
of todays rain
left over remnants
from the memories
of yesterday
providing sustenance
for tomorrow’s growth
use the dew wisely
so no questions will be asked
in the end



One day while lounging
she asked me casually,
how much do you love me?
most males melt at the mere mention
of love measurement
but I had an answer deemed heaven sent
I held up my writing hand
spread my thumb and pointy finger
apart from one another – about an inch
"This much baby" I said with a grin
then all hell broke loose
she wanted to beat me down
put my head in a noose
Wait, listen
you asked me a question
at least let me explain
those two fingers spread apart
can fit inside them the sun
Its all about perspective baby
and where you are looking from
if I stretch my arms a yard long
and tell you that’s how much you fill my heart
if you don’t believe that yourself
then we are doomed from the start
I know this thing is a two way street
If you are not feeling the love
then I must change the way I speak
the way I live
the way I breathe
the way I give
everything that I do
will be for you
so when you’re out with your friends
and one of them dares to ask
Girl, how much does your man love you?
you can hold up your two fingers to the sun
and they will laugh
but you will smile
knowing that that space
stretches for miles


How do you like to kiss?

I am a kisser
I enjoy all forms of the art
sometimes it can just be all lips
then it can be all tongue for my french folks
but I love to do both
kiss; lips
then a little tongue
then bite a little
suck one lip then the next
hold your head with both hands and tilt it back
kiss your neck, chin
then back to lips again
don’t kiss my ears, I can hear you slurping
kiss me where it matters………..oohhhhh… right there
how do you like to kiss?
tell me

Rasberry Raindrops(sp) - acrostic

running out of air, lying fetal
against a backdrop of heroin needles
so many dreams, images of past/future flash
before my eyes, closing to slits
enveloping darkness cools the skin
rigor mortise begins developing
repulsive convulsions, spewing green
yellow phlegm, engaged in a winless fight
rooster crows, spirit takes flight. guardian
angel stands on trial, alone in the defense of my soul
in my time of need, I suffered from an addiction
no immortal could understand, subjection of substances
drives mere mortals insane: contemned by the ruling, angel raises his wings
and soars into the heavens, causes…..
rain to fall from above
opulent eyes gaze hypnotized by his extravagance, he moved by the
pending sacrifice of my soul to hell, born from a weak mind
swoops down and captures my spirit before it enters the eternal pyre
(sp)iraling by the assembly as he flies by, then lifts my essence to heaven where I forever reside

I want to write love songs

I want to write love songs
like Donny Hathaway or
Lenny Williams’ Cause I love you joint
short, sweet
to the point
how I love you songs
like Luther
duets with singers like Mariah/Whitney
feel their smooth falsettos
take over me
I want to write love songs
that Kenny Rogers would sing
give a few to American Idol
let the amateurs do their thing
I want to write love songs
notes that whine like Keith Sweat
entice my listeners to love making
rhythms their bodies would never forget
I want to write about Love’s ups and downs
mold them into
emotions that have heart shaped sounds
I want to write love songs
for Earth, Wind and Fire
birth classics from fantasies
ignite lips into future hits
I want to be completely naked onstage with Janet
shooting love tunes to the red planet
alien probes left to decipher truths
offer love loops to the heavens above
messages placed; chirped
by Prince’s white doves
angels would blush
as the blood seemingly fills
their wings of lust
feelings so strong
to decipher
would take scientists centuries long
phrases only understood by two
me and my one and only
I want to write love songs
for you

Love: viewed from a stained glass window

I view it from the mountaintop
looking down upon all of the participants
wishing like an only child only to be included
the last one picked in a game of kickball
I miss the feel of love’s gentle fingers
gently stroking the back of my head
letting me know that everything is ok
I miss love’s breath along my cheek just before a kiss
now I wish that I remembered her phone number
is planted in earth’s richest soils
high atop Mount Vesuvius
dark lava fertilizer
watered with tears of endearment
sprouting a bud of trust
then releasing one petal at a time
to be picked and placed upon heavens lapel
she loves me she loves me not
life without love is hard enough
but earthly measures of heart’s pleasures
given by purveyors of distrust; dishonesty
spoils the vibrant pulp inside our fruit before it has chance to ripen
consumed rotten, love comes out the same
inhaled essence of life's lessons
divided by the path one takes to find it’s hidden treasures
tires on the mind
some say true love is supposed to be easy
to them I say
you have yet to begun to live
anything worth fighting for is as hard as a diamond
thus joined in a union with God
becomes the most challenging thing to break apart
how do I view love
I told you from the start
through a stained glass window
once clear
now over taken
by my fallen tears

Come write with me part II - Pirate Talk

I want to penetrate your mind with dictation
stripped bare to the naked essence of shaft and vessel awaiting
my linguistics wrapped around tongue tied kisses
booty trapped on a deserted island
donning a patch to hide my third eye actions
teeth clenched tight
over spewing vowels of creamy delight
rook takes pawn inside the queen’s lair
now the bull lies in despair
with a
sword sticking from its side in a final coup de grâce
our screams of fornication
heard from miles afar
you, once adorned with royalty dress
our language has been attacked by evil no less
slang and ibonics have taken over
proper grammar has lost to the TakeOver
let me steal your mind again
and plant a seed for us to begin
a family of thoughts conceived from worlds apart
create man inside womb of woman
we will birth words that aren’t possibly human
insane flow
sick scribes
huge drops
steadily delivering hot words
filled with passion
pages left burnt, charred ashen
the pen is on fire
I write with ox blood
false phrases don’t fit
like Oj’s glove
my lyrical outfit
a B-boy hit
white on white shell-toe classics
mark ecko jeans with
a tight leather jacket
throw some fur on the collar
for that extra molasses
black even
vocabulary infused treasures so deep
you’d have to be a Pirate to see what I’m seeing
not from Pittsburgh or the seven seas
but an old school, break-dancing; skateboard rider
pirate of the streets
can u dig it?

last note to my love

written on the battlefield of Thermopylae

my darling,
may Hermes bless the flight of this message to you
it is written with a heavy heart, stricken with an arrow
I fear, my beloved angel, that I will not return to your arms
my brothers in arms and I
fought with valor, pride and honor
we splattered the remains of the enemy with sword and heavy armor
all that befitting our royal household
I made our name strong, held the shield long
Hercules himself shined down from above a wicked smile
witnessing the carnage dealt by us for many a mile
necessary slaughter to save our people from slavery
impending annihilation; destruction
stopped by a few men’s bravery
my dear
do not fear
Xerxes’ armies will never come near
he rethinks his plans now as the Persians lay beaten down upon our shores
I was never one to lay wages; not one to keep score
if I were blessed with such luck I would say it’s us 1 and them zero
please read this letter to my sons
let them remember me as a hero
and not the man left to die on the battlefield
an arrow of inferior wood piercing my heart
I share a tear of pain in my final thoughts
I cry, not for the pain I am left with
but for the strength I lack
to return to you
and tell you that
I love you
and will prepare a place for us
to forever exist
high atop Mt. Olympus
I die now my darling
the darkness is creeping in
my bones heavy with sleep
eyes filled with regret
now realizing
I wasn’t able to tell the world
you are the closest thing to Heaven
a man could get

"It's not good for all of our wishes to be fulfilled. Through sickness, we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest and through hate, the value of love." - greek proverb


Come write with me

come write with me
type with me
help me
into a magical tongue ride
let it take us
to where the air is thin
help release the vocabulary
from within
surf synonyms and pronouns
above the city din
catch a few verbs along the way
throw them in a pot of sentences
and feast on prepositional phrases
hot vowels make grammatical
voice changes
our pronouns and consonants
in a never ending battle
passive and active voices
flow flawlessly forever
forgetting future and past tense
together we can make cents
change the order of words
worlds apart
melt adjectives and adverbs
into skeleton keys
opening doors to
rhythmic prose
let us form slang into
phrases that chose
life over death
uttered from a single breath
let me
drape your neck with jewels
from a language
left behind
music from a
Latin alphabet
dances us into the star’s heavenly shine
two step across the keyboard
we will fox trot with my brothers
Qwertyuiop – the oldest
Asdfghjkl – the middle
Zxcvbnm – the last
born from Roman descendants
apart they are nothing
filling pages fast
come write with me
be the other half of my duet
and together we will write something
the world will never forget

Have you ever

wished upon a falling star
made out in the back seat of a car
felt like walking around the house nude
gave the gas attendant attitude
shopped for an outfit to wear when you had no money
laughed at a joke that wasn’t really funny
kissed on the first date
at your bosses birthday party ate the last piece of cake
showed up to work drunk
purposely ran over a skunk
wore white gym socks with black dress shoes
sat and watched an entire episode of Blues Clues
smelled your pee after you ate asparagus
wanted to crush someone’s esophagus
bumped into a car in the parking lot and didn’t care
looked in the mirror and noticed one of your eyebrows wasn’t there
felt a spider crawl across your arm
wanted to do your sibling harm
stepped in a pile of fresh dog manure
wondered what in the world was an Hor' dourves
got ‘happy’ in church
been subjected to a nude police search
kicked a door in
asked your girl ‘what in the world are you wearing?’
lived in Kissimmee, Florida
witnessed a fight in the school corridor
gave your pops the double middle finger salute
got baby puke on a brand new suit
drove alone across country
saw a red booty monkey
got hit so hard you laughed
swore you heard your mother pass gas
accidentally taken the wrong pills
used one Brawny towel to clean up a spill
drank a cup of hot green tea
lost your motherfalken keys
broke a leg
seen a cat beg
made love in a hot tub
counted the stars above
smoked a cuban cigar
at 120mph sped by a state police car
failed at Trig
enjoyed a clove cig
read the Art of War
wondered what we are in Iraq for
as I move up that hill
heading to my way over
I thank God for everything he has put me through
no pot of gold, no leprechaun
no rainbow
just me and my experiences
looking out of the window
have you ever?


I got soul, I’m superbad – james brown cir. 1971
vinyl stops the needle from piercing my heart
60’s and 70’s warriors living their art
movements to justify means of moments
paving roads for future love songs
timeless classics now enjoyed by us
children of the soul
jim crow depression tracks
decade long infusion
raised fist causes mental contusions
verbal flow in progress
my spirit will never rest
powered by the flow of my soul


Around the corner

around the corner
teenage legs
dance around poles
fathers spill
dollars from
child allowances
government kickbacks
uber inebriation
with roman predecessors
cigar smoke
gun powder
gangster hangouts
breasts hangout
smoke clears
new years
new cheers for
harbinger of death
another soul indicted
to La Costra
waterfront no shows
bull dogged
guarded like castles
revenue floats in from
cross town caskets
hijacking truck full of cigs,
suits and makita power drills
pay Sonny, Tony
and the man they call the rug
Paulie’s days are numbered
heard he caught the Rico bug

around the corner
Irish eyes
smiling into green beer
full of cheer
rosy cheek revelers
red head
enjoy the night
bar packed
out back
pool hall
Scotty boy is tied to the chair
eye socket
‘Give up the stash man’
wrists slashed man
body left in trash can
secures city riches
for heads of construction companies
and FBI snitches

around the corner
Antonia Negra,
El Gran Combo
Tito Puente
percolate through the air
a Quinceañera romance
simmers in the autumn heat
custom trucks
booty shorts
Chico and Adeline
young; aspiring rappers
now tied up in basement shadows
latin kings
wipe swords
on tightened skin
releasing the liquid life from within
a drug deal gone bad
searching for green tea bags
with crystal outlines
gang members in the corner
fill 9mm carbines
two dead already
two more to go
headlines read
‘Spanish Rap group found slain in abandoned El Camino’

around the corner
"Somebody’s trying to tell you something, right now, right now"
right now
gospel music inhales
the kitchen heat
bbq chicken, collards, cornbread, ice potatoes, sweet tea
bigdad blesses nana’s work at hand
Amen is said
peeps don’t stop eating till bones hit the trash can
trash can out back
hides Downtown Sally
finding religion
by paying Pimp for
back seat slips out of reality
backhand slaps
chrome plated gats
gold medallions
feather laden hats
hats off
to protection
Sally consumes
A.I.D.S. filled erection
now Sally gives head to earth
instead of living; life consuming
she swallows the opposite of birth

around the corner
humidity melts
cat eyes reflect
alternating red/blue lights
Officer Smith
Sgt. Brady
10 other officers
guns drawn on 13yr old perp
‘Lay down your weapon and no one will get hurt’
little boy moves forward
taking big man steps
he trips on a grate covering
rain swept
dreams of his future
dropped gun goes off
releasing a volley of bullets
similar to dogs on a racetrack
breaking open 50 wounds
like whip across back
life ends
where chalk begins
outlining bloody reminders of chance encounters
between right and wrong
the angel of death lifts its voice
harking a familiar song
‘death will not be long
each breath you lose
makes me stronger’
strong …………………..
strong ………………
stronger ………
Around the corner


my City(written on a dragonfly)

crickets chirp
broken songs
into willow trees
the summer night
stirs the neighborhood
with hints of autumn
the moon smiles
orange tinted luminescence
creating silhouettes of insects
along the Boston city skyline
I hitch a ride with a dragonfly
Prudential dreams
cast away on Charles River ferries
Storrow roads from State street cobble stones
melting into pots of
Harvard soliloquies
I travel by green bees to the Heights of my religion
ride down
of hope to the place that my Papi resides
homerun ball blasted to the South End
two minutes over to South Boston
hiding gangsters and castles alike
canoli dreams filled with rich cream
on the North End streets
my dragonfly ride ends when captured by a frog
Boston Common gnomes
sitting as still as stone
hopping us to Downtown Crossing
leaving nothing but the crickets
and their broken song


U asked 4 it

I am freestyling on a ten speed mic
into hypnotic
dances with heartbeat
my music, moves your body
mapping out algorithmic messages
deep body senses
bass lines wind the clock of your libido
giving my verbal thrusts the pleasure
inner planetary waves
motions swell
erupting through the deep crevice of which I dwell
and once more
leaving us with
of which
you asked


My Prayer

Heavenly father your humble servant kneels before you once again
I am blessed in the glory that you given me to rise out of bed and praise your holy name
I open the window and see sunshine in my eyes and feel the cool breeze on my face
That morning breeze granted by you
Your power is mighty Lord
Today I ask you to take these blessings
As offerings
And my soul
As offerings

I ask you in my prayers for these things only:
Give me
The tools that are required to live by your side forever in Heaven
Give me
The patience to live in a world filled with others not like me
Give me
The words to reach those that can be blessed by you as I am
Give me
The opportunities to learn from my mistakes, if not the mistakes are naught

My life is in your hand’s lord
Take my hand in times that I may stray from your guidance
Bring me back into the path of the righteous
Lift me in your arms in times of danger
Protect our family, immediate and extended
On their daily commutes to and fro
On the highways and byways in buses and cars
Grant them all a clear path to destinations unknown
Planting safety and patience in hand and mind

Heavenly father
Please grant the homeless shelter on a cold night
A warm meal on stomachs unfed
A bed

Heavenly father
Please hear the prayers of the sick and shut in, those whose legs can not bend anymore for fear of not getting up
They ask for a day with no pain, a day to pick up the grandchildren
Place them on laps filled with history and teachings of you

Heavenly father
I ask you to bless the youth with common sense when faced with ignorance
Choosing verbal daggers instead of metal harbingers of death
Give the children a chance to live by giving them something to do that is

Today Lord
I praise your name
And your father’s name
Your holy presence inside every cell of my body
I thank you Jesus
For taking the worlds sins away and allowing me to rise this day
And praise your holy name

Where I live

I woke up this morning, said my prayers
went to the back porch to read the paper
looked into the sky
a blimp passing by
on the side
guess they wanna always remind us
of where we reside

Letter from the inside

I am
wrapped inside
my futures mind
the daily grind
begins to play tricks on me
cord; entwined
tied to the
the very
of society’s dying
betrayed by
crack; heroin
needles break
like icicles off in arms
tattooed with a special
subjection of bodies
intertwined between
lead to tongue-tied nights
lips joined with crack pipes
sexual goddess begins her beautiful chant
blood enters semen
crack enters blood
semen and crack
meet at the crossroads
while momma is on her back
poisoned seed planted
into what we call
Crack Baby
I am
wrapped inside this rotting orifice
struggling to breath
the daily grind begins
destruction on body and mind
my cord is wrapped
energy; will to live
being sapped
my spirit
momma, I am sorry
I won’t make it
to see the light
but I am an angel
no matter the path of my flight
the rest of my eternity spent
with the Lord



I feel this way
when you are not here
simply because of the way
I have grown to feel
when you are


Smooth Ride

like a mos def and bilal track
mixed with a little common

our music plays through the speakers
full body contractions induced from
meeting at the crossroads
traveling down the right side
till it becomes the left
earlobe escapes
into all night escapades
peeling off clothes
like a banana peel
ready to be bitten
bite me
till my ass gets welts
my body melts
passion fruit
mixed with desire
consume my essence
before I expire
teeth chattering
facial explosions
oozing down the throat
of overwhelmed organs
spilling to the side
mountain side cliffs
watered luckily enough
to produce soft luscious nips
round equator of brown
capturing multitude of tongue licks
butterfly kisses land
engorging themselves on belly buttons
then to
inner hips to take pleasure sips
of heavens honey
dive in with full body thrusts
stay inside for a while
measure work
yoga divided by sutra
birth positions from the future
two hour ride to the stars
smiles exist where
she and he cum once did
devils cousins
sweat drips from chin
want more
need more
98degrees outside
wanting me to stay in
dock my yacht for repairs
she climbs aboard
and sets sail
on this smooth
ride again



Inside each of is a kindred spirit
A soul that stirs beneath the dermis and muscle and bones
Existing only to exist to live as we once did
With drum and dance with feet and conga
To coexist with the beat of a nation
Prescribed to strive on the rhythm of its soldiers
As they march through the streets of Zion
Praising all of the lords children
Amen and our fathers be given
with a side of Coltrane and Stevie Wonder
Individuals with a cause a movement a
Some with and some without
Some with drug addiction
Like Noah begat so forth and so on we have become a run on
A death sentence of immoral repetition that combined with global sterilization of minds
leads to decreased awareness, common sense and individuality
Be an individual, stripped of all it's animosity and bigotry
The single most individual thing you can do is, Revolt
your surroundings
your fears and desires
your illness and stress.
Stand naked with only your sword by your side
The sword of wisdom and pride
Give me linguistic metaphors of Rivers Euphrates and Red sand deserts
Places that Kings walked and ruled the land with iron hands and long handled scepters
Dudes that were so paranoid that when you birth your first son, you had to name it after them
Giving righteous cause to sin
All over again
Giving flex to time and de ja vu'
Not down with that Matrix shit
I got this
gun to my head
filled with un dodgeable bullets
education - click
common sense - click
honesty - click
morality - click
fatherhood - click
brotherhood - click
Poking holes into my consciousness making me dull to innocence
I am tired now of all this
So inhale
and I hold that shit
and then I exhale

Tunnel Vision

My rest is stirred by
a 65-pound alarm clock
middle of the night
my daughter
bouncing on the side of my bed
her long legs
landing on my head
I rise like a lion
instantly calmed
by her big beautiful eyes
those same eyes I stared into
twenty seconds after she was born
saw my reflection that day
immediately changed my perspective that day
her mother was the only one that looked at me in that way
drawing everything conceivable
into her dark brown orbs
was my daughter aware
through her innocent shy stare
that I was in love with her
she gave me the opportunity
to raise a daughter
my life’s greatest treasure
Hey lady
I say groggily
what are you doing up at 2 am?
she answers
what are you doing up at 2 am?
seriously, baby
what’s wrong
your dad’s day is long
I just need a couple more hours
before I get up
make breakfast
then you three go to camp
me to work
dealing with jerks
my 9-5 grind
so tell me now
my beautiful daughter
what is on your mind?
she is in my arms now
I lift her up to the sky
she is always so amazed
that I can lift her so high
put me down Daddy
she giggles showing her two missing teeth
ok, ok
I will stop playing
just as long as you start your explaining
ok, ok
I will stop playing
just as long as you start your explaining
she says copying me
she laughs as I tickle her feet
daddy stop tickling me
daddy stop tickling me
hehehehehe, I say mockingly
put her down and ask
What is the problem?
What can I fix for you today?
Do you love me?
Yes I do
Why ask a question you already know the answer to
Would you do anything for me?
Would you save me from a burning building?
I would tear down the walls with my bare hands
Inhale the smoke and fire around you
Wrap you in a blanket
Covering your teddy bear too
Jump out of a ten-story window
Land on my feet then kiss you on your forehead
You are always safe with me
Then daddy?
Yes sweetheart
Why don’t you visit mummy?
Well baby
Somethings are hard for me
to wrap my arms around
for days I have stared at the earth
wanting to rip her from the ground
In order for life to go on
I have avoided that sad song
Do you remember you and mummy’s favorite song?
Yes I do baby
Will you sing it for me?
I start into the Stevie Wonder tune
my daughter looks at me
and figures it’s hard for me to do
she picks up where I left off

In a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street
I've been near you, but you never noticed me
My cherie amour, won't you tell me how could you ignore
That behind that little smile I wore
How I wish that you were mine

That’s right baby, I say wiping away my tears
It’s ok to cry
Mummy tells me every night
Make sure your dad is ok
If he is not
sing him this song until he falls asleep

I rest my back against the headboard
my daughter lies next to me
Yes baby
her voice shaking me back to reality
I miss mummy too
I know you do
we all do
so bright and full of life
would do anything for anyone
a true
she never even saw her death coming
traveling to the airport
late at night
Boston’s new tunnel
squishing her car tight


before she went away
mom had something to say
I love you
my husband
my children
my God
my life was hard
but all of you made it so easy
for me to see
the true meaning of life
begins with

- dedicated to Milena Del Valle, her loving husband Angel Luis Del Valle and three children -

Milena was killed in a horrible accident in Boston’s Big Dig project last summer on July 11th 2006.
She lays in rest in VASQUEZ DE CORONADO, Costa Rica


Sable Eyes

I have been feeling this way for too long now
words have not been spoken
don't really need to be
really couldn't have
you know how I feel
I know how you feel
see it in the steel of your eyes
the way they engulf me
whole entire essence with those soft brown
windows into your soul
breaking into pieces
whenever life divides our time
and that is what it is our time
to live
make love
go on vacation
watch movies
make love
.......did I say make love?
raise kids
go to graduation
go to graduation
go to graduation
go to graduation
go to graduation
go to graduation
go to graduation
.......did I say seven kids?
go to weddings
go to church
and die
with one another
but our lives
have offered another time
to exist
mental tryst can go no further
me with her
and you with that brother
a cool brother at that too
cleans the house
disciplines the kids
extra special care
once every year
but when he's rubbing
that back
don't you want to tell him that
I want that old thing back
when Anwar used to do that
thing where he slung me back
and made love to me and told me that
If he ever had a chance he would break
that back
see it in the steel of your eyes
the way they engulf me
whole entire essence with those soft brown
windows into your soul
breaking into pieces
whenever life divides our time


Last night a DJ saved my life

Friday night lights
got me in a yellow dress shirt
grey pants
with cream color pinstripes
end of the week exhalation
freedom from my 9-5 woes
may lead to public intoxication
for some reason
this nightclub has been calling me all week
the dj
the people
the drinks
don’t forget VIP
‘ yo waitress another bottle ‘
I holla
standing behind the velvet rope
notions of a boys night out
shattered by
a woman I spot
out of the corner of my eye
as if God himself put a spotlight on her
the disco ball
shimmering silently off of her bronze skin
I don’t know when she noticed me
sporting my half shy grin
a firecracker goes off in my head
just got that second look
her first
to stop me in my tracks
the second to have her dinner
licking her chops
savoring each bite
a queen lioness adorned in a slinky black dress
silky smooth skin
painted with
shimmering diamonds
and gold hoops representing
earth’s treasures
and those damn legs
her eyes beg
for attention
a partner on the floor
every second that she existed in my mind
I have been hypnotized
begin to feel myself sleep walking
towards the subject of my attention
I find myself within earshot
The Music’s so loud – plays over the speakers
techno beat just ending
but the music is so loud
she can’t hear me
Do you want to dance?
I mouth the words
over the nightclub din
orating slowly
so she knows what I am saying
What took you so long?
she asks when I receive her hot embrace
letting me know that she isn’t playing
dj switches back to urban stuff
you make me better
Neyo and F – a – b – o – l – o – u - s
"I'm a movement by myself
But I'm a force when we're together
Mami I'm good all by myself
But baby you, you make me better"
hearing those lyrics
feeling the sounds
arms, necks
inviting me into her space
her into mine
"First thing's first, I does what I do
But everything I am, she's my improve
I'm already boss, I'm already fly
But if I'm a star, she is the sky
And when I feel like I'm on top
She give me reason to not stop
And though I'm hot
Together we burn it up"
The dj’s needle scratching the vinyl
helping me scratch a two month itch
two bodies
lifted up
reaching the stars of lust
sweet nectar of perfume and cologne
now on the dancefloor
all alone
grinding away
love lost
verbal daggers thrown
hard living
firmly pressed against her backside
song ends
a night of dancing leads to after-club friends
and then
sweaty, nervous palms
reach for the door
lacy things
clothes lie on the floor
dancing horizontally
kissing; perspiring
late night love making
moans; groans
guttural movements
ecstasy shown
muscles; tensed
legs; inviting
pulling hair
juices mix
sexual drug dealer
serving up two more hits
forward; backward
cowgirl; 69
some never heard of
others tried out
when they come to mind
she doesn’t seem to mind
taking every thrust
legs wrapped in trust
she’s a giver and a taker
rock smashes scissors
then scissors cut paper
her screams of pleasure
cut through the softness
of the moment
we rest
for a moment
our brown skin
mixing perfectly with the sheets we lay in
I watch the sunrise
peering over the deep curve of her thighs
wrapped in my arms
watching her sleep
her breasts slowly rise
fall; rise
falling in love with the feeling inside
lust planted
watered by perspiration
she is feeling me
I am feeling her too
giving birth to round two


love notes - left by desire

I love the way you flow
early morning glow
replaced by heaven's touch
a soft blow
to my heart
it pains
when you leave
even for a second
Like when you wake before me
to bathe
in the sunshine
I wake up
your spot
on my bed
by a pool of tears
never knowing that you are still near
that is my greatest fear
losing you while you are still here
so I wipe away my tears
and use them to water the soil
on which we will build our love on for years



open lips squeeze; clamped on mine
swallowing your spirit whole
inhaling; love
intoxicating one another
with one another
until your spirit cries out
from deep within


Little feet

You’re going to be a father
she whispered into the phone
lips barely moving although
realizing the pure joy of bearing us a child
my 19yr old hands gripped the phone tighter
trying to hide the nervous laughter
fixing my eyebrows in the rear view mirror
trying to look cool
trying to be suave
looking at the people around my car
they had no idea
that overnight
I had become a superstar
my summer fling
became the real thing
lust turned to love
unprotected feelings
the woman on the line had changed her mind
gave our seed a chance to grow
In the womb of destiny
my idea was to show
her, my love
my family
my hang – on’s
my friends
my self
that I could be a father
to a son or a daughter
even with no daddy training from my past
to reality
hang up the phone
drop off
my friends
speed off
to where my girl was staying
rushed in the door
laid her on the floor
rested my head on her abdomen
to be close to her, my love
and the new home of my offspring
to the pitter patter of little feet

Men cry too!!!

I was raised amongst men
pursuers of the farm hen
big strapping leaders
not a weakling amongst them
street or other wise
manly duties
like wet panties
the go getters
I don’t know what I would do without you
type men
I fell in love with the men of my family
full of teachers, barbers, hustlers and the military
hanging onto every word
like it was a hypnotizing herb
smoking the teachings down to the roach clip
something changed when I was about ten
I started noticing
the bumps and curves
around the miniature women
as they pranced about
like peacocks in their
tight shorts; lipstick plumage
never fully understanding the damage
they inflicted upon me
they double-dutch about in
matching bottom and tops
shiny church shoes
my body could not handle
what my mind wanted to do
my lips lost their virginity at the age of eleven
Lips as soft as anyone could imagine
Eyes as big as ring pops
Her skin so dark
I thought
I would get some on me if I rubbed against her
Her hair plaited
In rows so straight
It looked like aliens had come in the night
used her head for an experiment
We lived on the same street together
We went to the same school, church and hangouts together
I walked her home from school everyday
I chased her with bugs that I found just to hear her scream
I loved taking her to the store for
ice cream
To spend the last of my allowance like a fool
Watching my sneaker dreams melt away down the side of her cone
but I knew, that after ice cream
came vanilla ice cream kisses on the stoop behind her home
she had this way of twirling her tongue around
inside of my mouth
feeling similar to the Pop Rocks
exploding on my tastebuds
ooh it felt like heaven
being in love at the age of eleven
world came to an end at the age of eleven
late in the summer
moving truck came down the road at 10:57
the love of my life
my future wife
moving back to her mother’s island
you can’t go
my heart melted on her front stoop
like the ice cream I brought for her two days ago
I picked my head up just in time
To see her drop a tear from those big ol eyes
I ran over to her before it dropped
Ran my little finger under her cheek
Caught the water
Ran home to freeze it
So I could save it for her
until the next time we meet
my first love left me that day
my roni
my wifey
my boo
later on that night
in my tent staring at the stars
I found out that
Men cry too


Notes: June 18th Charles River

Sitting in my usual writing spot
taking in the warm and sunny day
completing the last leg of a four day weekend
traded my business suit for pen and paper
fair weather

car horns sound off
beautiful outlines in flowing sun dresses, floral prints
future wives with hungry eyes
dance about the wolves in dress shirts, flat front pants and Johnston Murphy shoes

club promoters posting bills of
pending nightclub deals
Nightlife salesmen armed with glossy pleasures
double sided invitations to the hottest thing
cars, streets posts
littered in red, white blue
independence day approaches with a full head of steam
90-99 degrees three days straight

every café
sporting event
grassy knoll
packed; filled with an afternoon buzz
human noise escalates over the din of the city
How much fun is this?
I'm taking in the warm and sunny day
Dog walkers
tread on grooves cast by strollers and feet, paws before them
they are the pioneers of summer
freeing the spirit from its wintry wonder

flirtation walks by holding courtship’s hand
shades of desire, cover eyes and intentions of igniting passion
their thirst quenched by hand clasped perspiration
ten bikers of the ten speed generation ride by causing the wind to stir and spitting up small pebbles from their rear tire

the river is placid reflecting hulls and sails from their surface neighbors
coeds splash about preparing oars, aft and fore
my view is obstructed so all I can see appear to be goal posts sticking out of the water
over the river looms tomorrow; back inside the brick enclave with glass entryways
the subway pulls away from the building in a rumble
Next stop: who cares

today, I am here
the place I feel level

A kiss - acrostic

Attractive southern belle catches my eye
Kendra is her name and she is North Carolina raised
Inside Piggly Wiggly buying hush puppies
Sausuage and grits she told me that my accent was so cute
She simply wanted to give me
A Kiss

Sunrise over North Carolina

I tripped this week

dropped a piece of
Acid vacation
much needed pause
from reality and
my daily cause

oncoming headlights
melt inside my mouth
No lights
No lights
driving 95
heading to Deep South

highway resembles a black slip and slide
one that I ride down to where my roots reside
motorized trucks
transform to cars
then back to trucks
shape shifting
miles upon hours
of that
de ja vu type luck

trees become lollipops
suckered into looking green
when blue is really what they're feeling
as I ride through in my 76 Eldorado
100 spokes gleaming
gods of the 10th state
wash up tears of an angel’s lust
as rain pours down
from the heavens upon us

sheets of white washed
Miles lived in my head
Venus De Milo
Spanish Key
You're my everything
sat with me
in the rain
we rode out the angel’s plight
arriving safely
sometime around midnight

roots waiting
anticipating our arrival
hands busily sewing a red carpet
preparing baskets of fried chicken
biscuits and grandma’s molasses
making beds with
words of stories told
time and time again
still feeling warm

eyelashes interlock
cousin of death
never felt so good
tired eyes and feet
arms feel like wood
Vanilla crème dreams
paint the sky
rising from the mind's eye
in a spotted pattern
bursting with colors
a sunrise over North Carolina


Blink Again by Lucy Rodrigues

BLINK AGAIN by Lucy Rodrigues in response to blink

Blink again
And I see the promises made long ago
By those that meant something special
To me
Creating a beautiful aura of

Blink again
And the memories return
To show me that there’s still
Someone there to hold dear
And never let go

Blink again
And I see novas shining, twinkling, spinning
Brilliantly for all to see
And become part of

Blink again
And I see future Martin Luther King Jrs and Maya Anjalou’s becoming
Ambassadors of peace
To unite the nations

Blink again
And I see healed hearts and souls
That were abused and misused
Forgiving and being forgiven

Blink again
And I see opportunities that knock
And the door opened to who dares to knock

Blink again
And I see shades of colors representing all nations
Singing, dancing, laughing, talking, PRAISING
Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Blink again
And I see the peace makers uniting
In their red berets, marching the ghetto streets
Everywhere, to keep some kind of civilization
Amongst those that want and need peace

Blink again
And I see pastors from local churches
Marching in step to help community leaders
To keep hope alive for our youth
For they are our future

Blink again
And I see our beautiful young women
Growing much too fast, wanting to be adults
Not knowing what lies ahead
Not being prepared

Blink again
And I see young men searching for something
What, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet
Tatooes aren’t the answer, piercings either

Blink again
And I see time turned back to jeans that fit
Shirts that don’t fall to the knees
Skirts and blouses that leave something to the imagination

Blink again
And I see families dining together
Watching TV, going to the movies
Playing family style games

Blink again
And I see a new beginning
Of understanding each other
Respect, love, commitment and loyalty

Blink again
And I see you and I working together
To bring what I see into fruition

Blink again
And I see no more AIDS, Hepatitis
Healthy bodies living together with
Respect for one another

Blink again
And I see young and old working together
To achieve promises that were made
Long ago come together

Blink again
And I see what you mean
Where you are coming from
Where your heart is
Where your hurt is
Where your LOVE is

Blink again
And I see colors of LOVE, HOPE AND CHARITY




I blink
and I see
broken promises
creating a dense fog over my city
a collection of the dreams
given up by the
tired, overworked
underpaid masses

I blink
and I see
future stars
dimming their internal lights
that shine from the inside
giving fellowship to
city lights; late nights
and the over packed dime
drinking; drugging
sounds like freestyling
countless dreams washed
with the bed sheets
they’re climbing in
birthing a rootless seed
wondering why they fall so easily
never understanding
darkness is what they were
birthed from

I blink
and I see
social beheading
opportunity knocks
can’t be heard
mummified corpses exist
wrapped in linens
made of black history pages
ripped from the books
black on black crime
can not exist in their minds
if they don’t know black
ignorance fills vessels
organs; pipe
speak chords
to a hip-hop beat

I blink
and I see
corporations, marketers
outfitting; supplying
military uniforms
to the street soldiers
willing to wear the shit
they see advertised in the videos
I’ll start from the top
work my way to the toes
oversized baseball cap
doo rag
throwback t
white t that doubles as a skirt
big ass fake watch
jeans 3 sizes too large
add up all of the checks
you get none
in the outcome
corporations get all of that shit
then we getting shot over
cases of mistaken identity
buckshot shells
coming from these dudes
using our bodies
like walking billboards
we aint getting any money for it

I blink
and I see
no role models
for our future
think about it
in 10yrs
that 15yr old
right there
in front of you
will be doing our taxes
cooking our food
driving our trains and airplanes
running businesses
providing the cure for racism, cancer and homelessness
or they could fill up
our graves
and penitentiaries
emerge from the darkness
age provides guidance
through experience
youth will try both sides

I blink
and I see
my future walking on
dirty streets
where the sidewalk meets the Boulevard
Dudley Station
packet transactions
go off in front of me
like a brick of firecrackers
copper topped roofs
oxidized through the years
covers the masses
as they congregate for their holy commune
commute to the lord
now standing at the gates of eternal life
marching two by two
herding their spirits into boats
almost existing on an island
so many seagulls about
ocean breeze replaced by T bus exhaust
police sirens
all that does not
belong to me

I blink
and I see
myself crying for a city
that now belongs to me


Birthdays grow old

Remember when anticipation built like christmas eve insomnia the day before your birthday
dreaming of parties filled with hot-dogs, potato chips
a donkey shaped piñata
table full of gifts and more to come
as aunts, uncles and cousins arrive
birthdays to look forward to
1,16,18, 21 then 25
every one after that happy that we survived
rent, bills paying for labels instead of durability
stretching dollars into cents trying hard to make our lifestyle make sense
celebrate fittingly the day for eternal rest
is knocking; doors of opportunity
the stress and age are showing
activities slow to monotony
work, raising children into adults becomes the next step
guidance, praise accomplishments folly and misfortune may arise
show children how it is when it was seen through your eyes
wrinkled, no less and bright with experience
honing your intelligence
celebrate centennial existence
some friends and family now gone
left feeling like the only person on earth
starting every phrase with; "I remember when……"
your audience listens intently because your memories come and go like
dot dash dot; morse code
sharing truths whether bent or straight
along with history of lineage
fathers before; before
images of past never developed openly only in the minds eye
give respect to the silver-hair chief he now counts his family amongst the stars
remembered through obituary when the spirit takes flight
causing metaphors to emerge left and right
birthdays grow old
and if you are lucky
yours just might


Just Living - insert swoosh anywhere

23 something avenue
dusky night view
prudential in the distance
casting a brilliant light
down on the
rats running scared
late night doctors
up to no good
street lights
cabbie headlights
on a late night run
dipping and diving the fuzz
dime bags neatly packed
goin to meet up with cus
orange line mercy
red line connect
connect to the connect
down on the 93 express
too far off my block
red and blue lights
billy clubs, mace
dogs, fire hoses,
this shits gotta stop
a late night drop
turns to a late night stomp
head chest
arms legs
everyone begs
for justice
and fair trial
fully knowing
bad seeds
do bad deeds
giving fruit to dishonor
and misuse of power
prudential in the distance
casting a brilliant light
down on the
rats running scared
the iron gate slams shut
behind doing no good
eyes closed to outside
mind still living in the past
spirit broken by
empty canteens
long distance calls
kids that grow too fast
get out
do good
do GOD
do you
Just living


The oldest art form

Lyrical Courtship
is the oldest art form
I am trying to perfect it

lyrics provide
actions provide
the same, without the buildup

and silky
inviting, memorable
makes your tongue
stick to the roof
of your mouth
peanut butter phrases

my chocolate words
touch your skin
a passion from within
that have no

douse me
dous me
dou me
do me

creamy paragraphs
lead us to
heaven’s desires met
glazed with emotion
complete disbelief
in our past
body movements, human motion

I never knew love like this before
passion lies scattered about
with our clothes on the floor
to be reassembled, coordinated
before walking out the door

to stare into stars
far less beautiful
than you are

Lyrical Courtship
is the oldest art form
I am trying to perfect it



I stand in the midst of millions embraced arm in arm
Singing praises of Jesus and his Holy Father
The spirit is lifted from our bodies
Gently vibrating the inner ear of angels above
The angels fly to alert the Holy Fathers of such assembly
Who in turn, listen and find delight
Heaven opens up it's Sky
Accepts this offering of peace and fellowship
Then in it's final stage, rains down blessings of prayers answered

Full Circle

I drove by boys house to drop him off a twenty I had smoked from him earlier that week. I pulled up with a new prospect in the passenger seat. My man came down to greet us with a Newport in his mouth. Cool as fuk with that hazed afternoon strut
One step flick, Two steps spit, Three steps; he opens the door, 4th step; "Oh shit," He says to my female passenger. She says to him – "I thought you were in New York?" 2 snaps and a twist. He says to her – "I thought you were sick?"
"Aw shit!!" The 3 of us say. Look around at each other, and realize - We’d been fukin one another

Conversation with a friend Part II

Pillow Talk by juli grzybala

Take solace
in the bosom
of pillows, talking.

Find pleasure
in pleasuring
skin, muscles

Take heed
in my thighs
of moisture

Seek comfort
in the throws
of thrusts

seek comfort
in the throws
of pillows;

Counter to "Pillow Talk"
Our Conversations by Anwar

I rest my head
on pillows
filled with
angel feathers

softness never
by any
earthly form

spoken words
transform to
devotion, creating emotion

fully peaked
at dawn
rolling green lawn
jealous monuments
stare in amazement

innocent words
become guilty

lust ignited
setting off
global thunderstorms
heat, then rain

to my
taken from

our conversations


In the Lap of an Angel

I have written timeless metaphors
of troubadours and sundried faces of matadors
cast against the Tuscan sun
.................... but what matters is only one
This one that I give to you for you to share
or keep locked up for yourself
draped around your slender neckline
I will never forget the first time you noticed me
I still feel the first kiss that we shared
I can smell the scent of you when we........
I so love to kiss you down there
Love, beauty, and patience are your weapons
used to lay waste to evil spirits around those you love
I find myself privileged to be included in those above
Our time is now
and my heart beats for you
the beat gets stronger in the presence of tomorrow
giving opportunity to love all over again
So each and every night I can go to bed
dreaming of the next time I will lay my head
In the lap of an Angel

End of Spring

I yearn for
Blue and pink
Splashed with
A city landscape
Young children
And their watchful parents
Playing in open hydrant
Angry firemen
Bent on pressure
Cutting off the fun
Till they leave

I yearn for
Those steamy hot days
90-95 degrees
then rain
the smell that comes
from the ground
convertible cadillacs
with whitewalls clean
gleaming motorcycles
shorties in jeeps
with that gangster lean

I yearn for
Baby oil
Cocoa butter
Gold hoops
Tight shorts
Bikini tops
Bronze skin
Nice smile
Kind wave
Pushing a child

I yearn
The end of Spring

Last Time

The last time
For something just happened now
And just again
It occurs
over and over
As time exists
So does it end
The last kiss
The last sin
The last moment of pleasure
The last air from within
Rain dries, snow melts
The last time
For all times
Seems so fast
My belief is nestled in
It is how you live the dash
Last time

Hey Shortie

Hey shortie
let me holla
at you
I was sitting across the street
admiring the view
I tried to call out to you
just to say hi
your ipod must have been
turned up too high
……hold on
wait just listen
I am a man, not a boy
or a pimp with horns glistening
I want to take a sec
and tell you something….
I take the time to pray to the Lord
I take the time to check in on Moms
I figured that I would
add to my norm
that’s step to you
drop a word or two
let you know that
everything looks right
as far as I can see
not being a pig
or acting immaturely
….same as curators
view art on the wall….
the image heightened
by turning their head sideways
you are a piece of art
my sista
I could stare at you for days

Simple Man

I am a simple man
A man with simple wants
A man with simple pleasures
that ease the mind of useless thoughts
Nana always said there were all types of addicts
Now I know what she meant
I yearn the feel of a woman with an almost intoxicating lust
The feel, the touch, the curves, the softness of her skin
The shade of her breasts playing a trick on my eye as I inspect them closely
Closely enough to count the invisible hairs around her nipple
The profile of her body, lazily strewn across my bed
Inviting a traveler’s hands to inspect every slope and curve
at first and then
picking up speed
our destination is met
As is done with everything on this night
But I am a simple man
A man with simple thoughts
So I am here
All alone
But the heat from within is keeping me warm

Higher level

I am trying to get to the point in my life that
Everyone is looking up to me
The higher level
that stand two feet away
Tilt your head back to see me level
Not trying to be a big man
Just a real one
With large hands
That I can use
to smack haters and bigots around when I can
Feel me!
A level so high that my nuts touch the sky
And my eyes see helicopters whizzing by
They are dropping off the messages
from the hordes below
they are trying to reach me
teach me
love me
destroy me
hate me
surrounding those that tried to hold me down
I cast a long shadow when my foot lifts off the ground
People scatter, shimmy and shake
upon hearing the sounds of an earthquake
that’s the rumble in my tummy
round and robust
I am hungry for peace
My nation lives in distrust
I reach down into a dark warm abyss
Take a full mouth of molten lava bliss
I spray the area with fire leaving nothing in site
Just the remains of those that have been caught in my plight
I want to get to the level where I play with moons and planets
As if they were jacks
I sit with Hercules in his cave
playing spades and we toss some drinks back
bottles shaped like whales filled with ocean water
the real ocean spray
Chase it down with 2tons of meat sacrificed on this day
I feel the urge to touch a woman so I shrink down to normal size
but I have a gigantic wood on
Oh and you wouldn’t?
I am running through the wilderness
knocking trees over with my trunk of funk
Looking for a hole to dunk my donut in
I come across a majestic queen teamed with her sister virgin
Quite a pair of nymphets
Bodily requests of heaven’s touch give the soul a platform to dive in
Escaping to an emotion never imagined
the higher level

Black Rose

a midnight desert scene
my head tilted back staring at holes poked into the sky
a red tear drops from the moon crashing to earth
to the hidden springs beneath the surface
an iron maiden gathers her children to drink; gain sustenance amidst an abundance of nothingness
they fulfill her wishes and leave behind one single drop on a cactus flower stem
soon a metamorphosis begins unleashing from the prickly plant a beauty from within
a bud appears
then an awakening of petals stretching to meet the harvest moon’s rays
fully extended and stuck in prose
life has been given in short to the world’s first
black rose