Rasberry Raindrops(sp) - acrostic

running out of air, lying fetal
against a backdrop of heroin needles
so many dreams, images of past/future flash
before my eyes, closing to slits
enveloping darkness cools the skin
rigor mortise begins developing
repulsive convulsions, spewing green
yellow phlegm, engaged in a winless fight
rooster crows, spirit takes flight. guardian
angel stands on trial, alone in the defense of my soul
in my time of need, I suffered from an addiction
no immortal could understand, subjection of substances
drives mere mortals insane: contemned by the ruling, angel raises his wings
and soars into the heavens, causes…..
rain to fall from above
opulent eyes gaze hypnotized by his extravagance, he moved by the
pending sacrifice of my soul to hell, born from a weak mind
swoops down and captures my spirit before it enters the eternal pyre
(sp)iraling by the assembly as he flies by, then lifts my essence to heaven where I forever reside