Smooth Ride

like a mos def and bilal track
mixed with a little common

our music plays through the speakers
full body contractions induced from
meeting at the crossroads
traveling down the right side
till it becomes the left
earlobe escapes
into all night escapades
peeling off clothes
like a banana peel
ready to be bitten
bite me
till my ass gets welts
my body melts
passion fruit
mixed with desire
consume my essence
before I expire
teeth chattering
facial explosions
oozing down the throat
of overwhelmed organs
spilling to the side
mountain side cliffs
watered luckily enough
to produce soft luscious nips
round equator of brown
capturing multitude of tongue licks
butterfly kisses land
engorging themselves on belly buttons
then to
inner hips to take pleasure sips
of heavens honey
dive in with full body thrusts
stay inside for a while
measure work
yoga divided by sutra
birth positions from the future
two hour ride to the stars
smiles exist where
she and he cum once did
devils cousins
sweat drips from chin
want more
need more
98degrees outside
wanting me to stay in
dock my yacht for repairs
she climbs aboard
and sets sail
on this smooth
ride again