Arch - Angel of Love

from attractive lips meant for Saturn’s moons
my empty vessel captures the calls from desires sister
become one with the woman that they came from
I stare and watch as
cupid shoots his bent arrows taken from invisible quivers
the sharp points
maliciously aimed towards my heart
near misses
cold kisses
and now I lay dead
betrayed by her love
once again


Poetic Biology

I roll
Nina Simone bones
then exhale
poetic meter
spirits of my ancestors
grow through the hairs of my beard
and show my African features
cheek bones
wide set eyes
built like a small powerful creature
ink applied to skin
become dog eared pages of life
left to decipher by all you HIStory teachers


Love at first site

she sits.........
beautiful African flower
with drops of autumn along her skin
short raven hair
my stares purposely
catch her attention
she glances as if to take a sniff
then purrs these words
I know guys like you
pursed lips
eyelids closing
as if to squash the last vowel in line
spirits of exes and soon to be next exes
sit firmly to her left and right
she explains that everyone has a two sided approach to life
speaks of eternal baggage
he, we and they become adage to her existence
over time
our conversation grows into a fire
burning down flammable inhibitions
then replaced by walls of unwavering persistence
in so few words
she has me smitten with a zombie like affliction
my desire is to explore the inner depths of her mind
so I walk over close and place her hand in mine
within a dash of the third rail if my motives be in question
our time together
fast forwards to forever
I imagine us old; together still
her wizened hands
and fingers; long
gently plucking at the gray hairs on my arms
like petals on a lilly pad

tongue twisted

they said
he said, she said
now time lies dead
stabbed through the tongue
with a pen


my love,
close your eyes and follow my voice
let me lead you to a place
- where our heartbeats
turn to footsteps along hidden paths of intimacy
moon rays bind your hips to mine
- lips touch
then destiny parts your legs
allowing me to taste from heaven’s river
grunts and groans from bare backed beasts
dragging knuckles along moist ground
release; rest
we dress
in silence
bound by secrecy and shattered commandments
our shame over taken by lust
now, the devil leaves us
my eternal withdrawals begin
I lose myself passing time
till I have to return you back
to your husband

Third eye turns to stone

evenings spent
deciphering hidden inscriptions scribbled inside
worn sleeve of a rose colored book
my sin sumeya children play with fire
leaving remnants of leaf and stems
discarded on scorched forest floor
a single tree remains
as lonely as the moon that searches for companionship during dawn
I offer condolences through a finger wrapped embrace
dank smoke lies imprisoned inside the walls of human organs
then released through a reversal of fortune
then pass


have you ever gotten the feeling
that the person you were having a conversation with thought that they where sent from God?
like, their words to you about their own human struggle
contain messages or answers about your life
oratory measures taken; bound in an obsolete presence
listening to words from a lounge chair in outer space gives Heavenly directions from places never mentioned
the mental distance
the place where right and wrong struggle in a never ending battle
walls of trust built on common sense and reason battle with a soul dipped in treason
there must be a reason
for this change in season
or change in attitudes and moral complexes that exist as the nexus of immoral direction
& understand the words of God and his Son
as they warm the spirit beyond the cold grasps of the devil’s hands
do as man has been directed to do
live and learn the great lessons in life
all it has to offer and take away
be as a ship
docked for the long stay
not as the flag that lifts its head only when the wind blows
an action that the hypocrites all know