Simple Man

I am a simple man
A man with simple wants
A man with simple pleasures
that ease the mind of useless thoughts
Nana always said there were all types of addicts
Now I know what she meant
I yearn the feel of a woman with an almost intoxicating lust
The feel, the touch, the curves, the softness of her skin
The shade of her breasts playing a trick on my eye as I inspect them closely
Closely enough to count the invisible hairs around her nipple
The profile of her body, lazily strewn across my bed
Inviting a traveler’s hands to inspect every slope and curve
at first and then
picking up speed
our destination is met
As is done with everything on this night
But I am a simple man
A man with simple thoughts
So I am here
All alone
But the heat from within is keeping me warm