Last night a DJ saved my life

Friday night lights
got me in a yellow dress shirt
grey pants
with cream color pinstripes
end of the week exhalation
freedom from my 9-5 woes
may lead to public intoxication
for some reason
this nightclub has been calling me all week
the dj
the people
the drinks
don’t forget VIP
‘ yo waitress another bottle ‘
I holla
standing behind the velvet rope
notions of a boys night out
shattered by
a woman I spot
out of the corner of my eye
as if God himself put a spotlight on her
the disco ball
shimmering silently off of her bronze skin
I don’t know when she noticed me
sporting my half shy grin
a firecracker goes off in my head
just got that second look
her first
to stop me in my tracks
the second to have her dinner
licking her chops
savoring each bite
a queen lioness adorned in a slinky black dress
silky smooth skin
painted with
shimmering diamonds
and gold hoops representing
earth’s treasures
and those damn legs
her eyes beg
for attention
a partner on the floor
every second that she existed in my mind
I have been hypnotized
begin to feel myself sleep walking
towards the subject of my attention
I find myself within earshot
The Music’s so loud – plays over the speakers
techno beat just ending
but the music is so loud
she can’t hear me
Do you want to dance?
I mouth the words
over the nightclub din
orating slowly
so she knows what I am saying
What took you so long?
she asks when I receive her hot embrace
letting me know that she isn’t playing
dj switches back to urban stuff
you make me better
Neyo and F – a – b – o – l – o – u - s
"I'm a movement by myself
But I'm a force when we're together
Mami I'm good all by myself
But baby you, you make me better"
hearing those lyrics
feeling the sounds
arms, necks
inviting me into her space
her into mine
"First thing's first, I does what I do
But everything I am, she's my improve
I'm already boss, I'm already fly
But if I'm a star, she is the sky
And when I feel like I'm on top
She give me reason to not stop
And though I'm hot
Together we burn it up"
The dj’s needle scratching the vinyl
helping me scratch a two month itch
two bodies
lifted up
reaching the stars of lust
sweet nectar of perfume and cologne
now on the dancefloor
all alone
grinding away
love lost
verbal daggers thrown
hard living
firmly pressed against her backside
song ends
a night of dancing leads to after-club friends
and then
sweaty, nervous palms
reach for the door
lacy things
clothes lie on the floor
dancing horizontally
kissing; perspiring
late night love making
moans; groans
guttural movements
ecstasy shown
muscles; tensed
legs; inviting
pulling hair
juices mix
sexual drug dealer
serving up two more hits
forward; backward
cowgirl; 69
some never heard of
others tried out
when they come to mind
she doesn’t seem to mind
taking every thrust
legs wrapped in trust
she’s a giver and a taker
rock smashes scissors
then scissors cut paper
her screams of pleasure
cut through the softness
of the moment
we rest
for a moment
our brown skin
mixing perfectly with the sheets we lay in
I watch the sunrise
peering over the deep curve of her thighs
wrapped in my arms
watching her sleep
her breasts slowly rise
fall; rise
falling in love with the feeling inside
lust planted
watered by perspiration
she is feeling me
I am feeling her too
giving birth to round two