she is

slowly; softly

she has become a part of me

with her

I decipher parables of life’s complex existence


a pause after every sentence

our love grows with every passing day

never taken as a weakness

she is

my friend

my confidant

my lover

my now

my future

my forever

my day

my night

my dreams

she is



my muse


Midnight Moon and the Rising Phoenix

the night presses against our skin as we rest in a midnight slumber
bodies lie contorted like marionettes
touching; bare
seemingly dropped from the heavens
landed onto the softness of pillows, sheets and down feathers
the yellow light of the moon reflects onto her curves
providing a lunar nightlight to guide lips along their evening journey
I watch as she rustles restlessly because of traveling fingers
and then…
like a phoenix she rises and spreads her wings
she takes her mount above me
body glistening as she winds her way about
searching for the love child of Eros and Venus


rapture; released through deep, primal screams
guttural sounds echo throughout the neighborhood, shattering glass e’where
the skies part and rain down upon us
...her mist and the remaining ashes combine into a sleeping potion
now resting again
her head nestled between my chest muscles & her breathing synchronized with my heartbeats