Come write with me

come write with me
type with me
help me
into a magical tongue ride
let it take us
to where the air is thin
help release the vocabulary
from within
surf synonyms and pronouns
above the city din
catch a few verbs along the way
throw them in a pot of sentences
and feast on prepositional phrases
hot vowels make grammatical
voice changes
our pronouns and consonants
in a never ending battle
passive and active voices
flow flawlessly forever
forgetting future and past tense
together we can make cents
change the order of words
worlds apart
melt adjectives and adverbs
into skeleton keys
opening doors to
rhythmic prose
let us form slang into
phrases that chose
life over death
uttered from a single breath
let me
drape your neck with jewels
from a language
left behind
music from a
Latin alphabet
dances us into the star’s heavenly shine
two step across the keyboard
we will fox trot with my brothers
Qwertyuiop – the oldest
Asdfghjkl – the middle
Zxcvbnm – the last
born from Roman descendants
apart they are nothing
filling pages fast
come write with me
be the other half of my duet
and together we will write something
the world will never forget