Come write with me part II - Pirate Talk

I want to penetrate your mind with dictation
stripped bare to the naked essence of shaft and vessel awaiting
my linguistics wrapped around tongue tied kisses
booty trapped on a deserted island
donning a patch to hide my third eye actions
teeth clenched tight
over spewing vowels of creamy delight
rook takes pawn inside the queen’s lair
now the bull lies in despair
with a
sword sticking from its side in a final coup de grĂ¢ce
our screams of fornication
heard from miles afar
you, once adorned with royalty dress
our language has been attacked by evil no less
slang and ibonics have taken over
proper grammar has lost to the TakeOver
let me steal your mind again
and plant a seed for us to begin
a family of thoughts conceived from worlds apart
create man inside womb of woman
we will birth words that aren’t possibly human
insane flow
sick scribes
huge drops
steadily delivering hot words
filled with passion
pages left burnt, charred ashen
the pen is on fire
I write with ox blood
false phrases don’t fit
like Oj’s glove
my lyrical outfit
a B-boy hit
white on white shell-toe classics
mark ecko jeans with
a tight leather jacket
throw some fur on the collar
for that extra molasses
black even
vocabulary infused treasures so deep
you’d have to be a Pirate to see what I’m seeing
not from Pittsburgh or the seven seas
but an old school, break-dancing; skateboard rider
pirate of the streets
can u dig it?