always and forever - ekphrastic: poem by anwar::art by henry lee battle

my vows that day:
I have loved you since
the first day we met
the second time we kissed
the third time we fell in love
the fourth time is this
it is an honor
as my heart grows fonder
to take you as my wife
not till tomorrow
but for the rest of.......
......my life
forever changed when
rings twisted
betwixt our essence
intertwining lips to commence
our union under heaven’s
smiles & bulbs
hop over broom
feet; legs dashing
nervousness replaced by
eternal happiness
fast forward to
a picture of this
honeymoon bliss
bodies locked tightly
fire breathes deeply along your hips
release the passion from within
gushing; rushing
touching your lips again
rapture draws me in
our breathing
combined in perfect harmony


we live together in the arms of destiny
always and forever
that’s what this love means to me