Dont kill the messenger

the messenger arrives/burdened with notes they have sent/he said, she said, we said
my head/fills with caricatures of/children’s nonsense
words written/verses roasted over hot coals/spitting vowels of
conjoined hatred/dark mirrors show reflections of/competitive natures
drop of blood remains/dried to the carpet/stabbed in back by
lyrical prophets/crucified words/become resurrected
arranged and twisted/remixed around/ensuring the devil’s profit
words/used as swords/slay giants of human folklore
help/create change in human life/what we are here for
love, honor, respect/grow to rich/from poor
use words as fire/light the path/ahead of you
never walk in the dark/let words/spark
conversations of fellowship/brotherhood/write scenes
that smell good/not putrid/excrement of satan’s pits
train minds/to become/harmonious confines
create/verbal concubines/married to
positive messages/youth can inhale/dissect into written passages
scribed in scrolls/pages of text books/scrawled on walls
hung on plaques in the hall/words that will not fail/now or tomorrow
my page/is torn/eyes perplexed
feeling/spirit hexed/between
doing right and wrong/help me sing new songs/raise the bar
loving arms forever wrapped/around the waist of our future/for decades long
my word is bond/I can keep going on/but the messenger is out of ink
voice strained/from screaming/yelling to an empty room
head bowed in disgust/over what we think is us/doing right by the lord