Higher level

I am trying to get to the point in my life that
Everyone is looking up to me
The higher level
that stand two feet away
Tilt your head back to see me level
Not trying to be a big man
Just a real one
With large hands
That I can use
to smack haters and bigots around when I can
Feel me!
A level so high that my nuts touch the sky
And my eyes see helicopters whizzing by
They are dropping off the messages
from the hordes below
they are trying to reach me
teach me
love me
destroy me
hate me
surrounding those that tried to hold me down
I cast a long shadow when my foot lifts off the ground
People scatter, shimmy and shake
upon hearing the sounds of an earthquake
that’s the rumble in my tummy
round and robust
I am hungry for peace
My nation lives in distrust
I reach down into a dark warm abyss
Take a full mouth of molten lava bliss
I spray the area with fire leaving nothing in site
Just the remains of those that have been caught in my plight
I want to get to the level where I play with moons and planets
As if they were jacks
I sit with Hercules in his cave
playing spades and we toss some drinks back
bottles shaped like whales filled with ocean water
the real ocean spray
Chase it down with 2tons of meat sacrificed on this day
I feel the urge to touch a woman so I shrink down to normal size
but I have a gigantic wood on
Oh and you wouldn’t?
I am running through the wilderness
knocking trees over with my trunk of funk
Looking for a hole to dunk my donut in
I come across a majestic queen teamed with her sister virgin
Quite a pair of nymphets
Bodily requests of heaven’s touch give the soul a platform to dive in
Escaping to an emotion never imagined
the higher level