First date

"My favorite color is yellow"
she says
through her wicked smile
the awkward miles have been passed by
through conversation and laughter
as we speak and move together
my heart races faster
should I.......
or should I wait
- wait - conscience replies
the result will be better -
so in my patience I reside
then something happens
did she just.....
was that a......
am I seeing things…..
it was…
I think she was just checking me out
an innocent glance no less
but one for me to count
hopefully to be followed by many more
her profile
invite my courting words
her lips
move in time
her spirit
matches mine
she has me smitten
yes I wrote that last line
it wasn’t a Freudian slip
I mean what I say
no matter when I am saying it
noon or
8pm at night
she takes a left and
another left
my house on the right
"why do I want to go home"
the answer should be easy
the reason is something
that I did not want to risk
going another minute
without having your