Sunrise over North Carolina

I tripped this week

dropped a piece of
Acid vacation
much needed pause
from reality and
my daily cause

oncoming headlights
melt inside my mouth
No lights
No lights
driving 95
heading to Deep South

highway resembles a black slip and slide
one that I ride down to where my roots reside
motorized trucks
transform to cars
then back to trucks
shape shifting
miles upon hours
of that
de ja vu type luck

trees become lollipops
suckered into looking green
when blue is really what they're feeling
as I ride through in my 76 Eldorado
100 spokes gleaming
gods of the 10th state
wash up tears of an angel’s lust
as rain pours down
from the heavens upon us

sheets of white washed
Miles lived in my head
Venus De Milo
Spanish Key
You're my everything
sat with me
in the rain
we rode out the angel’s plight
arriving safely
sometime around midnight

roots waiting
anticipating our arrival
hands busily sewing a red carpet
preparing baskets of fried chicken
biscuits and grandma’s molasses
making beds with
words of stories told
time and time again
still feeling warm

eyelashes interlock
cousin of death
never felt so good
tired eyes and feet
arms feel like wood
Vanilla crème dreams
paint the sky
rising from the mind's eye
in a spotted pattern
bursting with colors
a sunrise over North Carolina