I want to write love songs

I want to write love songs
like Donny Hathaway or
Lenny Williams’ Cause I love you joint
short, sweet
to the point
how I love you songs
like Luther
duets with singers like Mariah/Whitney
feel their smooth falsettos
take over me
I want to write love songs
that Kenny Rogers would sing
give a few to American Idol
let the amateurs do their thing
I want to write love songs
notes that whine like Keith Sweat
entice my listeners to love making
rhythms their bodies would never forget
I want to write about Love’s ups and downs
mold them into
emotions that have heart shaped sounds
I want to write love songs
for Earth, Wind and Fire
birth classics from fantasies
ignite lips into future hits
I want to be completely naked onstage with Janet
shooting love tunes to the red planet
alien probes left to decipher truths
offer love loops to the heavens above
messages placed; chirped
by Prince’s white doves
angels would blush
as the blood seemingly fills
their wings of lust
feelings so strong
to decipher
would take scientists centuries long
phrases only understood by two
me and my one and only
I want to write love songs
for you