Only a matter time before you get it

click clack
the sound made
when pulling back the trigger
on a 50-desert eagle
see this weapon
is specially
manufactured to move another bullet
into the chamber
before the last one
has exited the gun
sound like fun?
ever shoot a hand cannon
in a crowds direction
watch the bullet
colors as it
smashes through stone
children’s bone
then finally
leaving someone’s dome
all over the cement
the gory stuff
we haven’t even got to yet

click clack
the sound made
bullet leaves nose
of my
metal life switch
I love to turn niggas lights out
sometimes at the same time
I can get him and his bitch
save time/save bullets
just walk up on em
take out the steel
and use it
bullet enters body
severs tendons
moves around the chest cavity
searching for an exit
hits the chick beside dude
she’s laying beside him
I am already jettin

click clack
the sound made
by the gun put to rest
placed up under my arm
inside the bullet proof vest
click clack packed away neat
I can feel the heat
from another spent shell
I am addicted to that
noxious sulfur smell
the night comes again
the huge moon pumps me up
for some more
walk the streets
searching for more
unsuspecting peeps
mission accomplished
I don’t feel like running
I need a ride
see a black sedan on the corner
someone sitting inside
their loss of life
not mine

click clack

don’t move
or we’ll blow your fucking head off

clack click

the police have me surrounded
following a tip
from a nosy neighbor
for two days
the sedan outside my apartment
been watching my behavior
report reads:
perp leaves by 7
returns by 9
walks with a limp or something
drags his left leg behind
consider him armed and dangerous
and keep this in mind
murders been committed by
a 50 cal desert eagle
this type of weapon
can blow off a grown man’s knees
before you finish a sneeze

don’t move
or we’ll blow your fucking head off

blow it off then
aint no way in he world
I will spend a day in the pen
from my 50
I unleash a volley of bullets
click clack
click clack
click clack
the police and D.T.’s
fall dead
holes from chest to back
click clack
click clack
click clack
sirens, screams, flash of light

clack click

oh shit
I think that I am hit
cops move in
you aint taking me alive, I scream
I hear the last


gun explodes in mouth like fireworks
cops start to yell
too late, you pigs
my soul forever
click clacks
in Hell