One day while lounging
she asked me casually,
how much do you love me?
most males melt at the mere mention
of love measurement
but I had an answer deemed heaven sent
I held up my writing hand
spread my thumb and pointy finger
apart from one another – about an inch
"This much baby" I said with a grin
then all hell broke loose
she wanted to beat me down
put my head in a noose
Wait, listen
you asked me a question
at least let me explain
those two fingers spread apart
can fit inside them the sun
Its all about perspective baby
and where you are looking from
if I stretch my arms a yard long
and tell you that’s how much you fill my heart
if you don’t believe that yourself
then we are doomed from the start
I know this thing is a two way street
If you are not feeling the love
then I must change the way I speak
the way I live
the way I breathe
the way I give
everything that I do
will be for you
so when you’re out with your friends
and one of them dares to ask
Girl, how much does your man love you?
you can hold up your two fingers to the sun
and they will laugh
but you will smile
knowing that that space
stretches for miles