A Hustler's Dream

something happened to me today
I found a conscience while sleeping inside my cell
it had been missing for some time now
since I was selling powder through the roof of my silver Eldorado
should have seen it; thang was laid out pretty
100 spoke wheels spinning along the streets of my worn out city
raw cane packed so high in the house that it looked like I was collecting clouds
I was the police, the judge and the god damn constitution
I fed the entire hood my brand of justice with little or no mental collusion
cooked, wrapped and smoked
handcuffing motherfuckers with addiction
noses wide open from their white affliction
drugs and hoes fed my children; nursed my ego
I easily became a ghetto neighborhood hero
medallions and chains hang
cars, homes; knives and guns bang
my people would never be the same after my time in the game
we couldn’t go back to those soggy cheese sandwiches
roaches as pets
empty refrigerator
mom telling me this is as good as it gets
two younger siblings staring up at me
I was the man of the house before I hit puberty
even at eleven I had a hustler mentality
started with the grass, then graduated to powder
got bopped at fifteen
left the fam a security stack
my mom has never been prouder
kept her out of debt and my canteen creamed
22months to serve; I can do this in my sleep
25 now and running; living the hustlers way
everything was copacetic like Rakim used to say
had a baby boy and a girl on the way
that’s when it happened
I was riding the block with my little man beside me
turned at the second light and saw a young brown honey
hi how are you?; through sticky wet lips and big pearly teeth
I’m doing fine and so are you as far as I can see
she’s handing me the number through the window of my car
I see her eyes glance up and her mouth form into a scream
directly across the street, dude is on his knees
pointing a Tec in my direction
shots rang out
smoke clears
an eternity passes before I look up from the driver’s seat
adrenaline and blood cover me
look to the left; honey lay dead
look to the right; my little boy
my seed, my prince…. shot in the head
I can do nothing but stare at his lifeless body
his mother’s eyes looking directly at me
blank but still full of childhood memories
a bloody teardrop falls
and lands on the armrest
simultaneously I wake up from a ten year old dream
and nothing to live for
but tomorrow


Inspired by a walk

while I walked..

the crunch of the snow kept me aware

kept me from slipping to that edge of despair

you know the place, we all been there

not paying attention to where you’re going

watching the footsteps created from behind

subconsciously leaving a path for the past to catch up

running now



had to pull off the layers


huffing and puffing

damn Newports

used to be built for war

have the tags to prove it

but now

black ink is only there

the moonlight provides companionship

but her love will only last for so long

she will leave to elope with the horizon

and I will stand on the bridge to nowhere

watching the tide set against the grey sky

the frost leaves my nostrils

and paints a caricature of my thoughts along the backdrop of stars

the night; she and I are one

my lover and my friend when loneliness sets in

she wraps her arms around and holds me warm

in the distance the church bell rings

shattering my visions

so I turn and face the inevitable

there is my past once again

its funny how the past, present and future

all look the same


Soul kisses the night

night disappears into the morning sun
footsteps wrapped in cotton & silk
ends frayed by dancer’s movements brush away the sounds of the city's lonely lament
dark hair and wild wonder
set on fire by dual desire
strings pulled across the room in a whirlwind fashion
to her
I am close
but too far to feel the like before
lips against mine
kisses along my neck
souls in a warm embrace
moving to the beat of the sunrise
more than friends
our time is like gondolas floating among the paper lanterns
current pulls my heart under
eternal slumber
the way we live
until death does us part
beyond this life are the hopes and dreams in streaks of red and black
blood against the night
pulling roses from my heart
butterflies dance
eyes closed
passion explodes
A extremidade
Το τέλος




we move round in circles
our feet above ground
hands; arms
clasped entwined like ivy
lips touch neck and leaves imprints of obsession
veins fill with warmth
perspiration quenches the feral thirst of passion
we twist the night away between stars and moonlight
a verbal divinity is born
her breath turns to crystalline particles and I catch them in a glass of rum…


He dreams of water under the bridge

as I become the cosmic sage
winding my thoughts into secret spells that stain the brain with silver stardust dropped from Orion's belt
father sun rises in the opposite direction
orange clouds rain twisted teardrops along the right side of brother horizon
the grandchildren of the ocean collect themselves inside the open eyes of sister moon
who weeps a thousand years until we are all united again
but where is the mother Earth?
She revolves alone on tilted axis keeping me off balance, feet sliding to the side hanging into empty space;tickled by passing comets
she is only here when her eyes are opened; sleepwalking an eternity away
leaving her children to play in the fire of alone
the three siblings create the trinity
place upon their mother's head a bed of thorns
now adorned queen
she must answer for the resulting sins grown from her decisions
but before sleep comes a vision
beautiful roses scattered along aisles of linen chairs
smiling faces
chiffon and pashmina
lacy ribbons in herb colored hues
floorlength seams
something borrowed
something blue
they laugh and dance to lies
wrapped around the rings like a locust in hibernation
only breaking through the earth when fully nourished by hidden frustration
the heart beats to intermittent fluctuations
Boom dada boom doom
Boom dada boom doom
happiness leaves the room
my eyes open to a throbbing heartache
dreams have become a notebook
one of which I fill with endless tales
dark perceptions of life's imperfections
visions of heaven non existent in the reflection
of water under the bridge


the moon's reflection on the water

My mind hasn’t drifted to this place in a while
the air is not the same
the sound that surrounds me is unfamiliar
faint when it was once loud, like legions of angels
strumming the tune on a broken harp
is it love again?
my ears are covered with sea shells
my heart
stuck on mute...



I missed her before she left
so when she did
I was left emotionless
days left yearning her
never happened
....for the best
becomes a test of time
when my mind rewinds
her soul crisscrosses the plains with mine
it will be the same
falling night descends
darkness rules the world
I am a dragon prince
riding the wings of our lunar children
from a distance I hear the beating of her heart
it pauses where I once existed
I visit her in the night as she slumbers with another
my lips part
as if to scream out
instead a flame ignites
the night passes
my words...
have left me
I am alone...........


message in a bottle

forget about you
I could never do
sound of waves
words of love
lasting forever
for all of eternity
elevate our souls
sing from high above
ahead of the trail, twin butterflies dance
darting along a musical note, never missing a beat
boom bap
never missing a kiss
boom bap
with paper yellow wings
wild orchid twigs finger-paint sketches of the city
along the blue and grey horizon
he and she rises
reflecting heat from the sun
simple strums of the long beads hanging
history repeats itself inside and out



Within my fingers, I grip the destiny of words and thought
lyrics dropped like bombs incite riots inside of schoolyard playgrounds
we stand together
along the side of the fence
watching the crowd run aimlessly to and fro in futile attempts
trying to put out a fire with dry hay and splinters of foundation timbers
fanning the flames with hands clasped and lips parted
flesh melts before a kiss can be received
death without love releases primitive screams
lifeless infants lie in their mother’s arms; she no longer able to nurse them
dead as the look in her eyes
the umbilical cord ignites
smothering the babe with the wrongdoings of its birth mother
where is father?
he is burning too
caught up in the misty haze of responsibilities between home and bottle
for him
this reality is hard to swallow
so he fills himself on sacraments before continuing his father’s cycle
his shadow is haunted by mental abuse and past physical trauma
knuckles lie wrapped in scars from the crest and cleaned by striking the tears of another
in life or fortune he would never win
so he carries with him a shotgun on his shoulder
an itchy trigger finger when someone draws closer
hiding behind illiteracy and the pure desire to be reminded of…
how it is to feel...
once again before death knocks
once again before it is too late
where there was love; exists instead
the angels weep as they count their new collection
with strings around their necks
showing imperfections
while trying to break the cycle; losing direction
hobbled wheels
thump thump along the cobblestone
wheelbarrows full of the remains of another family gone
their will to survive into the soil will be sown
nurturing the next breed of man
watered with the dreams of the last left wondering
if life looks the same above water


Mermaids sing from a distance as
I call you with a
Tranquil voice
Anticipating to see you again
My foamy ruffles
Flowing with grace
Elegantly sail onto
Your rocky sediments
Smoothed by my moist lips
Riding onto your shores
Walking closer as my tide rises
To see how far I can go
Wind blows
Drawing me closer to you
Enveloping the footprints left in the sand
Wiping your slate clean
Bowing at your consent as the true ocean queen

She is the ocean
and I am the land
we were married by the sea urchin
lured by her cousin the moon to elope during high tide
our sirens sang a melodic sound
and the shoulders of our babes kept warm
by the flowing lace and chiffon
but now I stare at our cousin the moon

and to me he whispers the heaviest of tunes
he tells me tales of my love gone missing
and the other beaches that she’s been kissing
I wait for her return like the fair maiden in a tower
I would do anything possible; anything in my power
I would sit at the shore and count our children on the beach
I would dig a hole in a rock and in it place my feet
and those same feet would be swung over the dock
when they her rocky floor, time would stop

my heart would stop
my breathing stop
my movement…

…and lifting up your chin,
Gazing at your handsome face
Opening your golden mouth as it meets mine
I resuscitate
Fish rivulets to your bittersweet soul
So you can continue to roam in your sandy palace
Cousin Moon likes to bring deceit
So do not listen to his secret jealousy
Grainy thoughts in your mind…but
I must confess earnestly
My spirit is joyous and carefree
Full of freedom
Much as I yearn to be with you
In your permanent destination
My heart is curious of other exotic locations
Not because I do not enjoy
Our wonderful moments of
Crashing into each other,
But you let me
Dress you in whichever way pleases me
Singing duets with sister Wind
Licking your ears with my wavy voice
Leaving a nourished smile on your face
Undaunted to do everything I’ve ever wanted

my place in this life is with her; without
there is no will to survive

Eyes glistened
By your wishful desire
Even if you can’t live with instability
I have to apologize…I am very sorry
Please understand
Your revelation to my misty blue eyes
Made me realize
I have more to bless others with
No one can choose your born destiny
Because it’s already innate
And I’m already late
For the distant dates
Who awaits
To bless them
With my reign of beauty
Furthermore, I help them realize how pretty
They are, inside and out
Thanks to you, my sweetie

I miss the sound of my ocean
her waves wrapped inside exist within my psyche
my thoughts are eternity instead of a single day mentality
where time and mind live together as an entity
unity without the y

I borrowed it for the C and R

now tears fall when I imagine not feeling the touch of her body next to mine
I’m missing her all the time
she is always on my time
I want to step back and rewind time
instead of us all I have now is...
the beaches erode away
while my heart in turn
keeps a place
for the absence that she will replace
in my

Distant lover and friend
For us time will never end
Because the vows we made will never descend
I will always return to re-consume our pleasurable duty
But I have a responsibility
To other cherry blossoms and tiger lilies
Waiting to bloom in exotic depths of other lands
Sister Wind will send you a message
Upon my return…until then
I shower you with farewell kisses
No need to wait…for me…with melancholy
In your heart I will be …

and while her waves...
wet the soil of distant lands
I have grown much stronger with my feet in the sand
our children of white sandy beaches spans beyond the reaches
of sight and habitats of all of the world’s creatures
my ocean is encompassing
touching and refreshing
she is my blessing
a gift from the heavens
and while my heart aches in pains
this ode to her I cannot refrain
to say
come back to me soon
my deep
beautiful ocean of you


no longer held captive

As long as I can remember,
have been my escape
we erase the daily grind
riding the stroke of pen and pencil
disappearing within the lines of parched linen paper
only to rise
and nourish the people with splashes of ink and charcoal
I hold my fingers up to the sunrise and watch as
imprisoned emotions seep from my skin
no longer held captive


Conversation with a Friend Part III - Forget to Breathe

beyond silence
dim lights
surround sound
midnight motions=
calling grooves
his name
her lips move
curves the tongue
round and round
city streets
crowded faces
double doors
fire's view
her eye
calling grooves

speaks of wind swept dreams
unkempt memories
in places serene
waves wash over beaches
in the space
between sand,
emotion is granted
a final resting-place
giving time and reason
to share this
heavenly emotion
songs of devotion
hark from clouds above
sun shines down
the warmth that
love is truly made of

when the mind plays tunes
that move and groove
red fruit glass *
apples melons cherries
now=empty stash
keep winding motionless
on a one way mind
clock stops 2
she longs for you*

hours and seconds
melt into
days; weeks
wet cheeks
from tears in time
now defined
by ghosts of you
keys; jingle
rusty love songs
of why I kept you
so close
close enough to hurt
even in absence
of essence
still effecting my
five senses
were a blessing
but now
exist as memories
lost in
time’s mirror
the reflection
repeating itself
over and over again
for us to see
all of

glass house
has no windows
broken stairs
give way
the bleeding hearts
joy of love
shadows yet linger
divine pain
blue sky rest
blue moon text
her rhythm
silenced inside
our walls
of this once
plentiful nest*

wrapped in
rhyme; waves of sunshine
mixed to beats
so divine
it's easy
to forget to


the end of the continuum from the perception of space and flesh – an ode to an imperfect existence

once was a time that our selves were one
all of the stars held court for the highest nobility
upon our staff we held the power of the sun
then a child born unto the galaxy gave us the trinity
we looked down upon the millions of life below
and witnessed the despair and victory of human kind
even with our clairvoyance we still shared a common sorrow
pulled down into a world of inferior thoughts from unconscious minds
in awe of a world of inhibition and licentious trials
then ascended upon the Earth in heavenly form
the lustful juices of forbidden fruits drip from our smile
our skin lay bare where concealment was once the norm
time winds forward and finds your mind with him
I share the secret touch with her and many more
an inhibition of sexual deviance takes over
crisscrossing paths give the need for a body count score
human carnage piles up into mounds of undulating flesh
and then
are lost
selves have been halved and self exists alone
we now survive on varied concepts of reality
and our paths transverse the planes we once called home


funniest thing I have ever seen

I know this is not poetry
But I had to share it with my readers. A video I came upon...

http://view.break.com/484483 - Watch more free videos


she is

slowly; softly

she has become a part of me

with her

I decipher parables of life’s complex existence


a pause after every sentence

our love grows with every passing day

never taken as a weakness

she is

my friend

my confidant

my lover

my now

my future

my forever

my day

my night

my dreams

she is



my muse


Midnight Moon and the Rising Phoenix

the night presses against our skin as we rest in a midnight slumber
bodies lie contorted like marionettes
touching; bare
seemingly dropped from the heavens
landed onto the softness of pillows, sheets and down feathers
the yellow light of the moon reflects onto her curves
providing a lunar nightlight to guide lips along their evening journey
I watch as she rustles restlessly because of traveling fingers
and then…
like a phoenix she rises and spreads her wings
she takes her mount above me
body glistening as she winds her way about
searching for the love child of Eros and Venus


rapture; released through deep, primal screams
guttural sounds echo throughout the neighborhood, shattering glass e’where
the skies part and rain down upon us
...her mist and the remaining ashes combine into a sleeping potion
now resting again
her head nestled between my chest muscles & her breathing synchronized with my heartbeats




Intimacy of the Mind and Pen

If I could simply state
I could never be without you
spiritually and physically you are my bridge to reality
..the voice of my soul
when you are not near, my thoughts go cold
my life…
blank like paper is my stare
our words go missing because their existence is based on the time we share

our words become children delivered in sonnets and stories, nursed on haiku's about yellow morning glories
our children describe
what it feels like inside the greatest minds of our time
our grandchildren give birth to
Spanish villas off the coast of Orion’s belt
and our great grand children talk about
alligators skating on ice that never melts

without the union of us there can be no others
after, present or before
the devil smiles with another chance to reach out and settle the score
the tales of our culture will not live without leaving the mouths of unborn kids and herded by the shepherds in the morn
our bodies covet the linen sheets that crinkle while we write
the vowels tell tales of yearning bodies that travel through the night
and on their trip the words become the story of our lives


The Last Visitor

Gospel music plays in the background.
- speak Lord, speak to me, I said speak to me -

She sits by the window, warming her tired shoulders in the setting summer sun. Her hands pick at the lint balls in the knit blanket lying across her legs. The worn edges tickle her ankles as she shifts in the recliner for comfort. The front window of the house has become her best friend. The children are grown, husband gone on so now loneliness sets in. The pane of glass displays moving images in the background of her reflection. She enjoys the movie with a new found happiness. We find her smiling with the happy times and crying with the sad times along with the characters of her personal play. Soon, the old woman realizes that she is watching her own life flash before her eyes. Those same eyes fill with emotion and release water drops down her cheek.
She is not sad but instead righteous. She yearns to be with her Father for all of eternity. Tired now, she slowly walks to the bedroom and lies on the bed fitted with crisp white sheets.
In the front room, the movie reel continues on without an audience until the final frame fades to black in the warm summer night.
The flickering sounds wake the angel of death. He is the last visitor to this old woman and comes bearing gifts, a package containing Nana's last breath


Watch your Son Rise

To my mother
grand and others
aunts, cousins, sisters
past and future lovers
I give this flower to you
In honor of your day
because without you
there would be no taure

- we live in harmony this flower and I
seed planted
watered; nurtured
plucked and pruned along the way
without your guidance or sunshine
there would be no taure
I am blessed to share your features, especially your eyes
so sit with me on the beach and witness
your SON rise


The Food 2.0

The food we feed our children with has run out and the kids are now suffering from malnutrition of positive role models. The days of our youth being influenced by the likes of Martin and Malcolm, Louis and Langston are long lost because now, they are fed bullets and drama. Babies filled with holes, souls empty, left alone to grow up in a community whose foundation is cracked itself. We look around and see thousands of young empty eyes unaware that the future for them is dim because their street lights were turned out before they even took their first breath. The sounds of baby screams keep me up at night tossing and turning, yearning to give them some lyrical food to eat. I wake from another midnight slumber to the sounds of the corner and then walk to the window and stick out my pen to test the temperature. My front stoop houses legions of street doctors from the 80's smacking babies with jums and tons of bubble gum flavored needles. Mothers surround the block looking for government cock because their mates suffer from incarcerated fates that pay for lives with currency concurrently. Just another plan to eradicate the sons of Africa. Little footprints outlined in blood cover the ground leading from the bank of the river Jordan, baptized in holy water so rich in ignorance that the stains will last forever. We flash in front of them humorous images of part time idols and now the television is responsible for more children than we are. The internet is blowing up with messages to electric gods ROTFG! Pedophiles preying on the children of absentee parents fill the empty ballots of prepubescent minds. The blinds are pulled on child molesters disguised as superstars with their freakish habits. The limbs of a countless number of children remain in trunks of the last platinum superstar. Appetites for destruction leave the parents with confusion once the deed is done. The models created end up in front of us and we are like,
"Who the fuck are you?!"
The children raise their eyes up then tilt their head and answer
"I am what I am fed."
The Food-


true story

she has a fast car..
driving around but can't get too far..
they always seem to stop at my door
bags of insecure memories and totes full of shouldered burdens,
misconceived notions handed out by male oratory legends of lore
believing themselves to be gods
showing desire to be worshiped, catered to
telling tales of what's in store for you down the road..
if you just..
cosign for this credit card right here
baby please,
these jeans would look so good on me!!!

Bitch ass dudes
kicking game like they're the she
trading places for parking lot spaces
where the...
verbal garbage is parked on my street,
on my block
too many times she has used my steps as her last stop
and for real,
I am tired son
of patching up holes
your bullshit called home for so long
The hypocrisy is...
I was once like you...
full of premeditated dishonesty, trying to get what I need
..money, herb, the pussy
till I met, she
and she put it on me.. verbally ..
smoothly stating
One day this will all come back to haunt you
what if you had a daughter,
and some dude like you was kicking it to them

like she knew I was doing her...
hmmmm, I said with a rub of my chin,
shit was deep
I felt her, honestly...
we had a daughter
and I became the father
that all you broke ass dudes don't want to meet..


she had a freckle on her foot

she had a freckle on her foot
- a twinkle in her eye
dimple on her thighs
a southern sassy style
she had me at...
well you know
with just a hint of Hershey kiss
stuck with a set of raspberry covered lips
damn sister
you got it going on
we got it on
she got me...
singing in the shower
washing off sweat from another
two hour
the ‘c’ and ‘e’ repeating over and over
like a drummer’s cymbal
kick, drum, snare, kick, kick, snare
we share
rock and roll lovemaking
pulling on her hair
pulling on towels
lounging on the sofa
I move her closer
she notices me staring
and says...
"leave me and my freckle alone..."
from what I remember
it was a cute little thing
perfectly placed
right below her ankle bone

my words heal

the reflection of she wraps my entirety, and we hold one another for the sake of one another until our time exists no more...to settle the score she shoulders the weight of my soul on her bosom, forever nursing me back to whom I once was...
and I...
will forever surf the stars on the moonlight's tail; creating space for our love to touch...but fear not these words of absoluteness, for it is only I that truly knows the direction in which my heart grows...in the direction of forever...with just a pen and some paper

...my words

wine connoisseur

to me…
you seem to be…
poured from a fine Pinot Noir
filled to the brim with ageless beauty
I imagine this
before I
raise the glass
inhale the aroma before my lips
savoring the taste
from your waist


Boy With a Coin

Good song and video
.......wanted to share..the woman dancing at the end reminds me of my mother.....


Conference room daydreaming

when I look in your direction
I hear..
..horns and strings orchestrated by angel's harps
such lovely arrangements
of melodies exist amidst
the profile of your body
the stares of curiosity bind my eyes
to mocha skin tickled by the morning sun
boricua, dominicana?
cape Verdean maybe......
the sounds you create
take me to space where my imagination has you as my Queen placed high atop our castle
you watch from the towers while I dash the spirits of dragons and suitors
that have mistaken your beauty as an open invitation for more than flirtation
then being overtaken in the midnight hours by your aromatic powers I rise to the occasion
and receive your soft lips against mine as a reward....our mouths touch...and I am awakened
by the woman I am dreaming of....
she rests her hand on mine...
I'm blinded from the brilliant shine coming from her ring finger
Have I been asleep that long?


Arch - Angel of Love

from attractive lips meant for Saturn’s moons
my empty vessel captures the calls from desires sister
become one with the woman that they came from
I stare and watch as
cupid shoots his bent arrows taken from invisible quivers
the sharp points
maliciously aimed towards my heart
near misses
cold kisses
and now I lay dead
betrayed by her love
once again


Poetic Biology

I roll
Nina Simone bones
then exhale
poetic meter
spirits of my ancestors
grow through the hairs of my beard
and show my African features
cheek bones
wide set eyes
built like a small powerful creature
ink applied to skin
become dog eared pages of life
left to decipher by all you HIStory teachers


Love at first site

she sits.........
beautiful African flower
with drops of autumn along her skin
short raven hair
my stares purposely
catch her attention
she glances as if to take a sniff
then purrs these words
I know guys like you
pursed lips
eyelids closing
as if to squash the last vowel in line
spirits of exes and soon to be next exes
sit firmly to her left and right
she explains that everyone has a two sided approach to life
speaks of eternal baggage
he, we and they become adage to her existence
over time
our conversation grows into a fire
burning down flammable inhibitions
then replaced by walls of unwavering persistence
in so few words
she has me smitten with a zombie like affliction
my desire is to explore the inner depths of her mind
so I walk over close and place her hand in mine
within a dash of the third rail if my motives be in question
our time together
fast forwards to forever
I imagine us old; together still
her wizened hands
and fingers; long
gently plucking at the gray hairs on my arms
like petals on a lilly pad

tongue twisted

they said
he said, she said
now time lies dead
stabbed through the tongue
with a pen


my love,
close your eyes and follow my voice
let me lead you to a place
- where our heartbeats
turn to footsteps along hidden paths of intimacy
moon rays bind your hips to mine
- lips touch
then destiny parts your legs
allowing me to taste from heaven’s river
grunts and groans from bare backed beasts
dragging knuckles along moist ground
release; rest
we dress
in silence
bound by secrecy and shattered commandments
our shame over taken by lust
now, the devil leaves us
my eternal withdrawals begin
I lose myself passing time
till I have to return you back
to your husband

Third eye turns to stone

evenings spent
deciphering hidden inscriptions scribbled inside
worn sleeve of a rose colored book
my sin sumeya children play with fire
leaving remnants of leaf and stems
discarded on scorched forest floor
a single tree remains
as lonely as the moon that searches for companionship during dawn
I offer condolences through a finger wrapped embrace
dank smoke lies imprisoned inside the walls of human organs
then released through a reversal of fortune
then pass


have you ever gotten the feeling
that the person you were having a conversation with thought that they where sent from God?
like, their words to you about their own human struggle
contain messages or answers about your life
oratory measures taken; bound in an obsolete presence
listening to words from a lounge chair in outer space gives Heavenly directions from places never mentioned
the mental distance
the place where right and wrong struggle in a never ending battle
walls of trust built on common sense and reason battle with a soul dipped in treason
there must be a reason
for this change in season
or change in attitudes and moral complexes that exist as the nexus of immoral direction
& understand the words of God and his Son
as they warm the spirit beyond the cold grasps of the devil’s hands
do as man has been directed to do
live and learn the great lessons in life
all it has to offer and take away
be as a ship
docked for the long stay
not as the flag that lifts its head only when the wind blows
an action that the hypocrites all know