come write with me - revisited

I decided to do an audio version of something that I wrote called
Come write with me

click the link below for your listening pleasure
Come write with me audio link


I hope that you like it
Let me know what you think taure:anwar:rodrigues


Dreams are the dew
of todays rain
left over remnants
from the memories
of yesterday
providing sustenance
for tomorrow’s growth
use the dew wisely
so no questions will be asked
in the end



One day while lounging
she asked me casually,
how much do you love me?
most males melt at the mere mention
of love measurement
but I had an answer deemed heaven sent
I held up my writing hand
spread my thumb and pointy finger
apart from one another – about an inch
"This much baby" I said with a grin
then all hell broke loose
she wanted to beat me down
put my head in a noose
Wait, listen
you asked me a question
at least let me explain
those two fingers spread apart
can fit inside them the sun
Its all about perspective baby
and where you are looking from
if I stretch my arms a yard long
and tell you that’s how much you fill my heart
if you don’t believe that yourself
then we are doomed from the start
I know this thing is a two way street
If you are not feeling the love
then I must change the way I speak
the way I live
the way I breathe
the way I give
everything that I do
will be for you
so when you’re out with your friends
and one of them dares to ask
Girl, how much does your man love you?
you can hold up your two fingers to the sun
and they will laugh
but you will smile
knowing that that space
stretches for miles


How do you like to kiss?

I am a kisser
I enjoy all forms of the art
sometimes it can just be all lips
then it can be all tongue for my french folks
but I love to do both
kiss; lips
then a little tongue
then bite a little
suck one lip then the next
hold your head with both hands and tilt it back
kiss your neck, chin
then back to lips again
don’t kiss my ears, I can hear you slurping
kiss me where it matters………..oohhhhh… right there
how do you like to kiss?
tell me

Rasberry Raindrops(sp) - acrostic

running out of air, lying fetal
against a backdrop of heroin needles
so many dreams, images of past/future flash
before my eyes, closing to slits
enveloping darkness cools the skin
rigor mortise begins developing
repulsive convulsions, spewing green
yellow phlegm, engaged in a winless fight
rooster crows, spirit takes flight. guardian
angel stands on trial, alone in the defense of my soul
in my time of need, I suffered from an addiction
no immortal could understand, subjection of substances
drives mere mortals insane: contemned by the ruling, angel raises his wings
and soars into the heavens, causes…..
rain to fall from above
opulent eyes gaze hypnotized by his extravagance, he moved by the
pending sacrifice of my soul to hell, born from a weak mind
swoops down and captures my spirit before it enters the eternal pyre
(sp)iraling by the assembly as he flies by, then lifts my essence to heaven where I forever reside

I want to write love songs

I want to write love songs
like Donny Hathaway or
Lenny Williams’ Cause I love you joint
short, sweet
to the point
how I love you songs
like Luther
duets with singers like Mariah/Whitney
feel their smooth falsettos
take over me
I want to write love songs
that Kenny Rogers would sing
give a few to American Idol
let the amateurs do their thing
I want to write love songs
notes that whine like Keith Sweat
entice my listeners to love making
rhythms their bodies would never forget
I want to write about Love’s ups and downs
mold them into
emotions that have heart shaped sounds
I want to write love songs
for Earth, Wind and Fire
birth classics from fantasies
ignite lips into future hits
I want to be completely naked onstage with Janet
shooting love tunes to the red planet
alien probes left to decipher truths
offer love loops to the heavens above
messages placed; chirped
by Prince’s white doves
angels would blush
as the blood seemingly fills
their wings of lust
feelings so strong
to decipher
would take scientists centuries long
phrases only understood by two
me and my one and only
I want to write love songs
for you

Love: viewed from a stained glass window

I view it from the mountaintop
looking down upon all of the participants
wishing like an only child only to be included
the last one picked in a game of kickball
I miss the feel of love’s gentle fingers
gently stroking the back of my head
letting me know that everything is ok
I miss love’s breath along my cheek just before a kiss
now I wish that I remembered her phone number
is planted in earth’s richest soils
high atop Mount Vesuvius
dark lava fertilizer
watered with tears of endearment
sprouting a bud of trust
then releasing one petal at a time
to be picked and placed upon heavens lapel
she loves me she loves me not
life without love is hard enough
but earthly measures of heart’s pleasures
given by purveyors of distrust; dishonesty
spoils the vibrant pulp inside our fruit before it has chance to ripen
consumed rotten, love comes out the same
inhaled essence of life's lessons
divided by the path one takes to find it’s hidden treasures
tires on the mind
some say true love is supposed to be easy
to them I say
you have yet to begun to live
anything worth fighting for is as hard as a diamond
thus joined in a union with God
becomes the most challenging thing to break apart
how do I view love
I told you from the start
through a stained glass window
once clear
now over taken
by my fallen tears

Come write with me part II - Pirate Talk

I want to penetrate your mind with dictation
stripped bare to the naked essence of shaft and vessel awaiting
my linguistics wrapped around tongue tied kisses
booty trapped on a deserted island
donning a patch to hide my third eye actions
teeth clenched tight
over spewing vowels of creamy delight
rook takes pawn inside the queen’s lair
now the bull lies in despair
with a
sword sticking from its side in a final coup de grĂ¢ce
our screams of fornication
heard from miles afar
you, once adorned with royalty dress
our language has been attacked by evil no less
slang and ibonics have taken over
proper grammar has lost to the TakeOver
let me steal your mind again
and plant a seed for us to begin
a family of thoughts conceived from worlds apart
create man inside womb of woman
we will birth words that aren’t possibly human
insane flow
sick scribes
huge drops
steadily delivering hot words
filled with passion
pages left burnt, charred ashen
the pen is on fire
I write with ox blood
false phrases don’t fit
like Oj’s glove
my lyrical outfit
a B-boy hit
white on white shell-toe classics
mark ecko jeans with
a tight leather jacket
throw some fur on the collar
for that extra molasses
black even
vocabulary infused treasures so deep
you’d have to be a Pirate to see what I’m seeing
not from Pittsburgh or the seven seas
but an old school, break-dancing; skateboard rider
pirate of the streets
can u dig it?

last note to my love

written on the battlefield of Thermopylae

my darling,
may Hermes bless the flight of this message to you
it is written with a heavy heart, stricken with an arrow
I fear, my beloved angel, that I will not return to your arms
my brothers in arms and I
fought with valor, pride and honor
we splattered the remains of the enemy with sword and heavy armor
all that befitting our royal household
I made our name strong, held the shield long
Hercules himself shined down from above a wicked smile
witnessing the carnage dealt by us for many a mile
necessary slaughter to save our people from slavery
impending annihilation; destruction
stopped by a few men’s bravery
my dear
do not fear
Xerxes’ armies will never come near
he rethinks his plans now as the Persians lay beaten down upon our shores
I was never one to lay wages; not one to keep score
if I were blessed with such luck I would say it’s us 1 and them zero
please read this letter to my sons
let them remember me as a hero
and not the man left to die on the battlefield
an arrow of inferior wood piercing my heart
I share a tear of pain in my final thoughts
I cry, not for the pain I am left with
but for the strength I lack
to return to you
and tell you that
I love you
and will prepare a place for us
to forever exist
high atop Mt. Olympus
I die now my darling
the darkness is creeping in
my bones heavy with sleep
eyes filled with regret
now realizing
I wasn’t able to tell the world
you are the closest thing to Heaven
a man could get

"It's not good for all of our wishes to be fulfilled. Through sickness, we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest and through hate, the value of love." - greek proverb