Hey Shortie

Hey shortie
let me holla
at you
I was sitting across the street
admiring the view
I tried to call out to you
just to say hi
your ipod must have been
turned up too high
……hold on
wait just listen
I am a man, not a boy
or a pimp with horns glistening
I want to take a sec
and tell you something….
I take the time to pray to the Lord
I take the time to check in on Moms
I figured that I would
add to my norm
that’s step to you
drop a word or two
let you know that
everything looks right
as far as I can see
not being a pig
or acting immaturely
….same as curators
view art on the wall….
the image heightened
by turning their head sideways
you are a piece of art
my sista
I could stare at you for days