I missed her before she left
so when she did
I was left emotionless
days left yearning her
never happened
....for the best
becomes a test of time
when my mind rewinds
her soul crisscrosses the plains with mine
it will be the same
falling night descends
darkness rules the world
I am a dragon prince
riding the wings of our lunar children
from a distance I hear the beating of her heart
it pauses where I once existed
I visit her in the night as she slumbers with another
my lips part
as if to scream out
instead a flame ignites
the night passes
my words...
have left me
I am alone...........


message in a bottle

forget about you
I could never do
sound of waves
words of love
lasting forever
for all of eternity
elevate our souls
sing from high above
ahead of the trail, twin butterflies dance
darting along a musical note, never missing a beat
boom bap
never missing a kiss
boom bap
with paper yellow wings
wild orchid twigs finger-paint sketches of the city
along the blue and grey horizon
he and she rises
reflecting heat from the sun
simple strums of the long beads hanging
history repeats itself inside and out



Within my fingers, I grip the destiny of words and thought
lyrics dropped like bombs incite riots inside of schoolyard playgrounds
we stand together
along the side of the fence
watching the crowd run aimlessly to and fro in futile attempts
trying to put out a fire with dry hay and splinters of foundation timbers
fanning the flames with hands clasped and lips parted
flesh melts before a kiss can be received
death without love releases primitive screams
lifeless infants lie in their mother’s arms; she no longer able to nurse them
dead as the look in her eyes
the umbilical cord ignites
smothering the babe with the wrongdoings of its birth mother
where is father?
he is burning too
caught up in the misty haze of responsibilities between home and bottle
for him
this reality is hard to swallow
so he fills himself on sacraments before continuing his father’s cycle
his shadow is haunted by mental abuse and past physical trauma
knuckles lie wrapped in scars from the crest and cleaned by striking the tears of another
in life or fortune he would never win
so he carries with him a shotgun on his shoulder
an itchy trigger finger when someone draws closer
hiding behind illiteracy and the pure desire to be reminded of…
how it is to feel...
once again before death knocks
once again before it is too late
where there was love; exists instead
the angels weep as they count their new collection
with strings around their necks
showing imperfections
while trying to break the cycle; losing direction
hobbled wheels
thump thump along the cobblestone
wheelbarrows full of the remains of another family gone
their will to survive into the soil will be sown
nurturing the next breed of man
watered with the dreams of the last left wondering
if life looks the same above water


Mermaids sing from a distance as
I call you with a
Tranquil voice
Anticipating to see you again
My foamy ruffles
Flowing with grace
Elegantly sail onto
Your rocky sediments
Smoothed by my moist lips
Riding onto your shores
Walking closer as my tide rises
To see how far I can go
Wind blows
Drawing me closer to you
Enveloping the footprints left in the sand
Wiping your slate clean
Bowing at your consent as the true ocean queen

She is the ocean
and I am the land
we were married by the sea urchin
lured by her cousin the moon to elope during high tide
our sirens sang a melodic sound
and the shoulders of our babes kept warm
by the flowing lace and chiffon
but now I stare at our cousin the moon

and to me he whispers the heaviest of tunes
he tells me tales of my love gone missing
and the other beaches that she’s been kissing
I wait for her return like the fair maiden in a tower
I would do anything possible; anything in my power
I would sit at the shore and count our children on the beach
I would dig a hole in a rock and in it place my feet
and those same feet would be swung over the dock
when they her rocky floor, time would stop

my heart would stop
my breathing stop
my movement…

…and lifting up your chin,
Gazing at your handsome face
Opening your golden mouth as it meets mine
I resuscitate
Fish rivulets to your bittersweet soul
So you can continue to roam in your sandy palace
Cousin Moon likes to bring deceit
So do not listen to his secret jealousy
Grainy thoughts in your mind…but
I must confess earnestly
My spirit is joyous and carefree
Full of freedom
Much as I yearn to be with you
In your permanent destination
My heart is curious of other exotic locations
Not because I do not enjoy
Our wonderful moments of
Crashing into each other,
But you let me
Dress you in whichever way pleases me
Singing duets with sister Wind
Licking your ears with my wavy voice
Leaving a nourished smile on your face
Undaunted to do everything I’ve ever wanted

my place in this life is with her; without
there is no will to survive

Eyes glistened
By your wishful desire
Even if you can’t live with instability
I have to apologize…I am very sorry
Please understand
Your revelation to my misty blue eyes
Made me realize
I have more to bless others with
No one can choose your born destiny
Because it’s already innate
And I’m already late
For the distant dates
Who awaits
To bless them
With my reign of beauty
Furthermore, I help them realize how pretty
They are, inside and out
Thanks to you, my sweetie

I miss the sound of my ocean
her waves wrapped inside exist within my psyche
my thoughts are eternity instead of a single day mentality
where time and mind live together as an entity
unity without the y

I borrowed it for the C and R

now tears fall when I imagine not feeling the touch of her body next to mine
I’m missing her all the time
she is always on my time
I want to step back and rewind time
instead of us all I have now is...
the beaches erode away
while my heart in turn
keeps a place
for the absence that she will replace
in my

Distant lover and friend
For us time will never end
Because the vows we made will never descend
I will always return to re-consume our pleasurable duty
But I have a responsibility
To other cherry blossoms and tiger lilies
Waiting to bloom in exotic depths of other lands
Sister Wind will send you a message
Upon my return…until then
I shower you with farewell kisses
No need to wait…for me…with melancholy
In your heart I will be …

and while her waves...
wet the soil of distant lands
I have grown much stronger with my feet in the sand
our children of white sandy beaches spans beyond the reaches
of sight and habitats of all of the world’s creatures
my ocean is encompassing
touching and refreshing
she is my blessing
a gift from the heavens
and while my heart aches in pains
this ode to her I cannot refrain
to say
come back to me soon
my deep
beautiful ocean of you