Love: viewed from a stained glass window

I view it from the mountaintop
looking down upon all of the participants
wishing like an only child only to be included
the last one picked in a game of kickball
I miss the feel of love’s gentle fingers
gently stroking the back of my head
letting me know that everything is ok
I miss love’s breath along my cheek just before a kiss
now I wish that I remembered her phone number
is planted in earth’s richest soils
high atop Mount Vesuvius
dark lava fertilizer
watered with tears of endearment
sprouting a bud of trust
then releasing one petal at a time
to be picked and placed upon heavens lapel
she loves me she loves me not
life without love is hard enough
but earthly measures of heart’s pleasures
given by purveyors of distrust; dishonesty
spoils the vibrant pulp inside our fruit before it has chance to ripen
consumed rotten, love comes out the same
inhaled essence of life's lessons
divided by the path one takes to find it’s hidden treasures
tires on the mind
some say true love is supposed to be easy
to them I say
you have yet to begun to live
anything worth fighting for is as hard as a diamond
thus joined in a union with God
becomes the most challenging thing to break apart
how do I view love
I told you from the start
through a stained glass window
once clear
now over taken
by my fallen tears