In the Lap of an Angel

I have written timeless metaphors
of troubadours and sundried faces of matadors
cast against the Tuscan sun
.................... but what matters is only one
This one that I give to you for you to share
or keep locked up for yourself
draped around your slender neckline
I will never forget the first time you noticed me
I still feel the first kiss that we shared
I can smell the scent of you when we........
I so love to kiss you down there
Love, beauty, and patience are your weapons
used to lay waste to evil spirits around those you love
I find myself privileged to be included in those above
Our time is now
and my heart beats for you
the beat gets stronger in the presence of tomorrow
giving opportunity to love all over again
So each and every night I can go to bed
dreaming of the next time I will lay my head
In the lap of an Angel