BONNIE & CLYDE::by anwar::ekphrastic

good night:painting by andrew nichols
BONNIE & CLYDE::by anwar
a poem of epic proportions

Bonnie couldn’t figure out what was taking Clyde so long to come out of there.
She had begun to worry that he may have been shot. "God damn it Clyde!!!", she screams as she slams on the gas pedal of the silver 745. She sends the car flying into the intersection in front of the bank and then pulls hard on the emergency brake. "Now spin the wheel hard to the right", she can hear him say inside of her head. "I know damn it", she says to herself being as stubborn as usual. She always hates it when he tells her how to drive, especially in the quarter to eight. This is her ride and she has it
sitting parallel to the bank and the police barricade outside of the bank. Bonnie has blocked the entryway so that someone can only enter or exit through the rear door of the car. She climbs into the back seat and pushes down on a button in the middle console. A compartment opens up and reveals two high-powered automatic rifles, two nine millimeters and a few grenades. A smile of exctacy pours over her face. It shows that she gets off on this, a lot. This spur of the moment thrill this bank-robbing ride to hell and back, anything goes for her man and she was ready to do that now. No FBI, no police, no snipers, no one, will keep her from getting the man of her life and the love that keeps them whole.

See, Bonnie & Clyde, they both share an unwavering lust for the money and all things that come from it. They have blazed up and down the East Coast through banks and holding houses of some of the areas finest institutions. Now they have hit the mother load, the Federal Reserve Bank sitting right in the middle of Boston’s financial district. They had picked this final job together, a first. Clyde always called the shots so Bonnie was happy when he approached her about planning it out with him. Clyde called it the payoff of a lifetime, because of the location. One highway, with both north and south access directly in front of the building, waterways three hundred yards behind the building and then, there is the train station. Placed 100 feet away from the front door of Boston’s moneymaking machine, lies one of the largest spider webs of public transportation known to man. Its called South Station. With rail lines and bus lines going to over 1000 places every hour on the hour then not to mention three extra lines for the local community, this station stacked up to most in the country. What it lacked in size, it provided in confusion to anyone not aware of its many tunnels and schedules available. Both things necessary to those that not only wanted to remove themselves from the vicinity in a very short amount of time but also cause as much confusion as possible when doing it. This was their planned method of escape. Bonnie planned it that way.

Instead, Bonnie finds herself in the backseat of the car loading shells into her pump shotgun and trying to calm her breathing down before she pulls on the bullet proof vest. She silently goes about her tasks as chaos exists outside the vehicle. The snipers have positioned themselves to take a shot as soon as she steps out of the vehicle. The car is wrapped in bulletproof glass so they’d be wasting their shots before they needed to. The snipers don’t know that so she plays a game of cat of and mouse with them. After her bullet proof vest is on, she pops open the door and then slams it closed really quickly. Instantly a two-inch bullet ricochets off the side of the glass where she is lying. Bonnie pops her head up and then a second bullet ricochets off of the roof. "Ok ", she says to herself, "that’s was 4.7 seconds". 4.7 seconds, to get out of the car and into the building before the snipers explode her head with one of their bullets. The door is two yards away; the snipers are reloading and aiming, waiting for the next shot. Bonnie takes her weapons in hand, kicks open the left door with the butt of the gun and then opens the door on the right with her free hand. Bonnie hears the first shot ping off of the ground right outside of the left door. They fell for her bait. 4.7 seconds she dashes out of the right door, 4.3 seconds sniper’s bullet leaves gun, 3.9 seconds the door of the bank is open, 3 seconds the bullet enters Bonnie’s right foot and exits through her left knee cap. She lets out a scream as she falls into the doorway. Her body seems lifeless, teetering on the doorjamb, half in and half out lies in plain view of the TV cameras. Every detail is caught on film and the entire country has been watching this standoff live from their living rooms. Now they watch another drama within the one that has captivated them for over an hour. They sit and watch as a convicted killer and bank robber fights for her life and crawls to find her lover…..

"Bonnie!!!!", Clyde screams as he hears the next shot. Bonnie lies there in a pool of blood and Clyde runs over to her in his futile attempt to save her from eternal demise. He runs over to the doorway and is hit with a sniper bullet in the left thigh. The second pierces his heart. It renders him motionless for a fraction of a second. The force of the bullet drives him down to the ground and he lay there, pinned to the cold marble floor of the Federal Reserve Bank. Bonnie reaches over to her lover and they pull into each other’s arms. Coughing blood and retching violently, breathing her last breaths she utters these words………………

my dear Clyde
our time has come
such a beautiful ride
the money was endless
but the thrills aside
I had more fun showing you
that I am a down ass chick
through all thin and thick
for you and us…...oooh in this I only trust
I will stand by your side
till the day I die
or we die together
our blood splatters forever
remain on the concrete of which we lay
people in the future will speak about this day
the time they witnessed true love with no bounds
in these final words my love can be found
I am happy and finally content
my head finally resting where it needs to be
In your arms
for all of eternity....…….. exit