Birthdays grow old

Remember when anticipation built like christmas eve insomnia the day before your birthday
dreaming of parties filled with hot-dogs, potato chips
a donkey shaped piñata
table full of gifts and more to come
as aunts, uncles and cousins arrive
birthdays to look forward to
1,16,18, 21 then 25
every one after that happy that we survived
rent, bills paying for labels instead of durability
stretching dollars into cents trying hard to make our lifestyle make sense
celebrate fittingly the day for eternal rest
is knocking; doors of opportunity
the stress and age are showing
activities slow to monotony
work, raising children into adults becomes the next step
guidance, praise accomplishments folly and misfortune may arise
show children how it is when it was seen through your eyes
wrinkled, no less and bright with experience
honing your intelligence
celebrate centennial existence
some friends and family now gone
left feeling like the only person on earth
starting every phrase with; "I remember when……"
your audience listens intently because your memories come and go like
dot dash dot; morse code
sharing truths whether bent or straight
along with history of lineage
fathers before; before
images of past never developed openly only in the minds eye
give respect to the silver-hair chief he now counts his family amongst the stars
remembered through obituary when the spirit takes flight
causing metaphors to emerge left and right
birthdays grow old
and if you are lucky
yours just might