Inside each of is a kindred spirit
A soul that stirs beneath the dermis and muscle and bones
Existing only to exist to live as we once did
With drum and dance with feet and conga
To coexist with the beat of a nation
Prescribed to strive on the rhythm of its soldiers
As they march through the streets of Zion
Praising all of the lords children
Amen and our fathers be given
with a side of Coltrane and Stevie Wonder
Individuals with a cause a movement a
Some with and some without
Some with drug addiction
Like Noah begat so forth and so on we have become a run on
A death sentence of immoral repetition that combined with global sterilization of minds
leads to decreased awareness, common sense and individuality
Be an individual, stripped of all it's animosity and bigotry
The single most individual thing you can do is, Revolt
your surroundings
your fears and desires
your illness and stress.
Stand naked with only your sword by your side
The sword of wisdom and pride
Give me linguistic metaphors of Rivers Euphrates and Red sand deserts
Places that Kings walked and ruled the land with iron hands and long handled scepters
Dudes that were so paranoid that when you birth your first son, you had to name it after them
Giving righteous cause to sin
All over again
Giving flex to time and de ja vu'
Not down with that Matrix shit
I got this
gun to my head
filled with un dodgeable bullets
education - click
common sense - click
honesty - click
morality - click
fatherhood - click
brotherhood - click
Poking holes into my consciousness making me dull to innocence
I am tired now of all this
So inhale
and I hold that shit
and then I exhale