Notes: June 18th Charles River

Sitting in my usual writing spot
taking in the warm and sunny day
completing the last leg of a four day weekend
traded my business suit for pen and paper
fair weather

car horns sound off
beautiful outlines in flowing sun dresses, floral prints
future wives with hungry eyes
dance about the wolves in dress shirts, flat front pants and Johnston Murphy shoes

club promoters posting bills of
pending nightclub deals
Nightlife salesmen armed with glossy pleasures
double sided invitations to the hottest thing
cars, streets posts
littered in red, white blue
independence day approaches with a full head of steam
90-99 degrees three days straight

every café
sporting event
grassy knoll
packed; filled with an afternoon buzz
human noise escalates over the din of the city
How much fun is this?
I'm taking in the warm and sunny day
Dog walkers
tread on grooves cast by strollers and feet, paws before them
they are the pioneers of summer
freeing the spirit from its wintry wonder

flirtation walks by holding courtship’s hand
shades of desire, cover eyes and intentions of igniting passion
their thirst quenched by hand clasped perspiration
ten bikers of the ten speed generation ride by causing the wind to stir and spitting up small pebbles from their rear tire

the river is placid reflecting hulls and sails from their surface neighbors
coeds splash about preparing oars, aft and fore
my view is obstructed so all I can see appear to be goal posts sticking out of the water
over the river looms tomorrow; back inside the brick enclave with glass entryways
the subway pulls away from the building in a rumble
Next stop: who cares

today, I am here
the place I feel level