Come write with me

come write with me
type with me
help me
into a magical tongue ride
let it take us
to where the air is thin
help release the vocabulary
from within
surf synonyms and pronouns
above the city din
catch a few verbs along the way
throw them in a pot of sentences
and feast on prepositional phrases
hot vowels make grammatical
voice changes
our pronouns and consonants
in a never ending battle
passive and active voices
flow flawlessly forever
forgetting future and past tense
together we can make cents
change the order of words
worlds apart
melt adjectives and adverbs
into skeleton keys
opening doors to
rhythmic prose
let us form slang into
phrases that chose
life over death
uttered from a single breath
let me
drape your neck with jewels
from a language
left behind
music from a
Latin alphabet
dances us into the star’s heavenly shine
two step across the keyboard
we will fox trot with my brothers
Qwertyuiop – the oldest
Asdfghjkl – the middle
Zxcvbnm – the last
born from Roman descendants
apart they are nothing
filling pages fast
come write with me
be the other half of my duet
and together we will write something
the world will never forget

Have you ever

wished upon a falling star
made out in the back seat of a car
felt like walking around the house nude
gave the gas attendant attitude
shopped for an outfit to wear when you had no money
laughed at a joke that wasn’t really funny
kissed on the first date
at your bosses birthday party ate the last piece of cake
showed up to work drunk
purposely ran over a skunk
wore white gym socks with black dress shoes
sat and watched an entire episode of Blues Clues
smelled your pee after you ate asparagus
wanted to crush someone’s esophagus
bumped into a car in the parking lot and didn’t care
looked in the mirror and noticed one of your eyebrows wasn’t there
felt a spider crawl across your arm
wanted to do your sibling harm
stepped in a pile of fresh dog manure
wondered what in the world was an Hor' dourves
got ‘happy’ in church
been subjected to a nude police search
kicked a door in
asked your girl ‘what in the world are you wearing?’
lived in Kissimmee, Florida
witnessed a fight in the school corridor
gave your pops the double middle finger salute
got baby puke on a brand new suit
drove alone across country
saw a red booty monkey
got hit so hard you laughed
swore you heard your mother pass gas
accidentally taken the wrong pills
used one Brawny towel to clean up a spill
drank a cup of hot green tea
lost your motherfalken keys
broke a leg
seen a cat beg
made love in a hot tub
counted the stars above
smoked a cuban cigar
at 120mph sped by a state police car
failed at Trig
enjoyed a clove cig
read the Art of War
wondered what we are in Iraq for
as I move up that hill
heading to my way over
I thank God for everything he has put me through
no pot of gold, no leprechaun
no rainbow
just me and my experiences
looking out of the window
have you ever?


I got soul, I’m superbad – james brown cir. 1971
vinyl stops the needle from piercing my heart
60’s and 70’s warriors living their art
movements to justify means of moments
paving roads for future love songs
timeless classics now enjoyed by us
children of the soul
jim crow depression tracks
decade long infusion
raised fist causes mental contusions
verbal flow in progress
my spirit will never rest
powered by the flow of my soul


Around the corner

around the corner
teenage legs
dance around poles
fathers spill
dollars from
child allowances
government kickbacks
uber inebriation
with roman predecessors
cigar smoke
gun powder
gangster hangouts
breasts hangout
smoke clears
new years
new cheers for
harbinger of death
another soul indicted
to La Costra
waterfront no shows
bull dogged
guarded like castles
revenue floats in from
cross town caskets
hijacking truck full of cigs,
suits and makita power drills
pay Sonny, Tony
and the man they call the rug
Paulie’s days are numbered
heard he caught the Rico bug

around the corner
Irish eyes
smiling into green beer
full of cheer
rosy cheek revelers
red head
enjoy the night
bar packed
out back
pool hall
Scotty boy is tied to the chair
eye socket
‘Give up the stash man’
wrists slashed man
body left in trash can
secures city riches
for heads of construction companies
and FBI snitches

around the corner
Antonia Negra,
El Gran Combo
Tito Puente
percolate through the air
a QuinceaƱera romance
simmers in the autumn heat
custom trucks
booty shorts
Chico and Adeline
young; aspiring rappers
now tied up in basement shadows
latin kings
wipe swords
on tightened skin
releasing the liquid life from within
a drug deal gone bad
searching for green tea bags
with crystal outlines
gang members in the corner
fill 9mm carbines
two dead already
two more to go
headlines read
‘Spanish Rap group found slain in abandoned El Camino’

around the corner
"Somebody’s trying to tell you something, right now, right now"
right now
gospel music inhales
the kitchen heat
bbq chicken, collards, cornbread, ice potatoes, sweet tea
bigdad blesses nana’s work at hand
Amen is said
peeps don’t stop eating till bones hit the trash can
trash can out back
hides Downtown Sally
finding religion
by paying Pimp for
back seat slips out of reality
backhand slaps
chrome plated gats
gold medallions
feather laden hats
hats off
to protection
Sally consumes
A.I.D.S. filled erection
now Sally gives head to earth
instead of living; life consuming
she swallows the opposite of birth

around the corner
humidity melts
cat eyes reflect
alternating red/blue lights
Officer Smith
Sgt. Brady
10 other officers
guns drawn on 13yr old perp
‘Lay down your weapon and no one will get hurt’
little boy moves forward
taking big man steps
he trips on a grate covering
rain swept
dreams of his future
dropped gun goes off
releasing a volley of bullets
similar to dogs on a racetrack
breaking open 50 wounds
like whip across back
life ends
where chalk begins
outlining bloody reminders of chance encounters
between right and wrong
the angel of death lifts its voice
harking a familiar song
‘death will not be long
each breath you lose
makes me stronger’
strong …………………..
strong ………………
stronger ………
Around the corner


my City(written on a dragonfly)

crickets chirp
broken songs
into willow trees
the summer night
stirs the neighborhood
with hints of autumn
the moon smiles
orange tinted luminescence
creating silhouettes of insects
along the Boston city skyline
I hitch a ride with a dragonfly
Prudential dreams
cast away on Charles River ferries
Storrow roads from State street cobble stones
melting into pots of
Harvard soliloquies
I travel by green bees to the Heights of my religion
ride down
of hope to the place that my Papi resides
homerun ball blasted to the South End
two minutes over to South Boston
hiding gangsters and castles alike
canoli dreams filled with rich cream
on the North End streets
my dragonfly ride ends when captured by a frog
Boston Common gnomes
sitting as still as stone
hopping us to Downtown Crossing
leaving nothing but the crickets
and their broken song


U asked 4 it

I am freestyling on a ten speed mic
into hypnotic
dances with heartbeat
my music, moves your body
mapping out algorithmic messages
deep body senses
bass lines wind the clock of your libido
giving my verbal thrusts the pleasure
inner planetary waves
motions swell
erupting through the deep crevice of which I dwell
and once more
leaving us with
of which
you asked


My Prayer

Heavenly father your humble servant kneels before you once again
I am blessed in the glory that you given me to rise out of bed and praise your holy name
I open the window and see sunshine in my eyes and feel the cool breeze on my face
That morning breeze granted by you
Your power is mighty Lord
Today I ask you to take these blessings
As offerings
And my soul
As offerings

I ask you in my prayers for these things only:
Give me
The tools that are required to live by your side forever in Heaven
Give me
The patience to live in a world filled with others not like me
Give me
The words to reach those that can be blessed by you as I am
Give me
The opportunities to learn from my mistakes, if not the mistakes are naught

My life is in your hand’s lord
Take my hand in times that I may stray from your guidance
Bring me back into the path of the righteous
Lift me in your arms in times of danger
Protect our family, immediate and extended
On their daily commutes to and fro
On the highways and byways in buses and cars
Grant them all a clear path to destinations unknown
Planting safety and patience in hand and mind

Heavenly father
Please grant the homeless shelter on a cold night
A warm meal on stomachs unfed
A bed

Heavenly father
Please hear the prayers of the sick and shut in, those whose legs can not bend anymore for fear of not getting up
They ask for a day with no pain, a day to pick up the grandchildren
Place them on laps filled with history and teachings of you

Heavenly father
I ask you to bless the youth with common sense when faced with ignorance
Choosing verbal daggers instead of metal harbingers of death
Give the children a chance to live by giving them something to do that is

Today Lord
I praise your name
And your father’s name
Your holy presence inside every cell of my body
I thank you Jesus
For taking the worlds sins away and allowing me to rise this day
And praise your holy name

Where I live

I woke up this morning, said my prayers
went to the back porch to read the paper
looked into the sky
a blimp passing by
on the side
guess they wanna always remind us
of where we reside

Letter from the inside

I am
wrapped inside
my futures mind
the daily grind
begins to play tricks on me
cord; entwined
tied to the
the very
of society’s dying
betrayed by
crack; heroin
needles break
like icicles off in arms
tattooed with a special
subjection of bodies
intertwined between
lead to tongue-tied nights
lips joined with crack pipes
sexual goddess begins her beautiful chant
blood enters semen
crack enters blood
semen and crack
meet at the crossroads
while momma is on her back
poisoned seed planted
into what we call
Crack Baby
I am
wrapped inside this rotting orifice
struggling to breath
the daily grind begins
destruction on body and mind
my cord is wrapped
energy; will to live
being sapped
my spirit
momma, I am sorry
I won’t make it
to see the light
but I am an angel
no matter the path of my flight
the rest of my eternity spent
with the Lord