My Prayer

Heavenly father your humble servant kneels before you once again
I am blessed in the glory that you given me to rise out of bed and praise your holy name
I open the window and see sunshine in my eyes and feel the cool breeze on my face
That morning breeze granted by you
Your power is mighty Lord
Today I ask you to take these blessings
As offerings
And my soul
As offerings

I ask you in my prayers for these things only:
Give me
The tools that are required to live by your side forever in Heaven
Give me
The patience to live in a world filled with others not like me
Give me
The words to reach those that can be blessed by you as I am
Give me
The opportunities to learn from my mistakes, if not the mistakes are naught

My life is in your hand’s lord
Take my hand in times that I may stray from your guidance
Bring me back into the path of the righteous
Lift me in your arms in times of danger
Protect our family, immediate and extended
On their daily commutes to and fro
On the highways and byways in buses and cars
Grant them all a clear path to destinations unknown
Planting safety and patience in hand and mind

Heavenly father
Please grant the homeless shelter on a cold night
A warm meal on stomachs unfed
A bed

Heavenly father
Please hear the prayers of the sick and shut in, those whose legs can not bend anymore for fear of not getting up
They ask for a day with no pain, a day to pick up the grandchildren
Place them on laps filled with history and teachings of you

Heavenly father
I ask you to bless the youth with common sense when faced with ignorance
Choosing verbal daggers instead of metal harbingers of death
Give the children a chance to live by giving them something to do that is

Today Lord
I praise your name
And your father’s name
Your holy presence inside every cell of my body
I thank you Jesus
For taking the worlds sins away and allowing me to rise this day
And praise your holy name