the sun's teardrops

conquered in infancy
twisted ‘round variables of complex addendum
bespoke chambers of marginalized thoughts
we live...
in solitude
my spirit and I forever bound to this offering of life...
fists RAISED in defiance against death and it’s shortcomings
inside my clenched hand I hold the sun's teardrops
collecting the water till it becomes an oasis
covering the faces of one hundred centipedes marching through existence
in the distance it appears as nothing more than a reflection of my past
dropped from the heavens and drawn within a human outline
we shall become one
completing this circle of life by traveling the circumference
for now…
my spirit fills the tenements of body and soul
what is left will seep out of smoke filled tepees
I am part of her; earth and her needs insatiable
my bones; dust will mix with the wind; collected in clouds
finally finding rest inside the palace of my father
he will take these collected dreams and pour them into my mind’s eye
the sun’s teardrops