we move round in circles
our feet above ground
hands; arms
clasped entwined like ivy
lips touch neck and leaves imprints of obsession
veins fill with warmth
perspiration quenches the feral thirst of passion
we twist the night away between stars and moonlight
a verbal divinity is born
her breath turns to crystalline particles and I catch them in a glass of rum…


He dreams of water under the bridge

as I become the cosmic sage
winding my thoughts into secret spells that stain the brain with silver stardust dropped from Orion's belt
father sun rises in the opposite direction
orange clouds rain twisted teardrops along the right side of brother horizon
the grandchildren of the ocean collect themselves inside the open eyes of sister moon
who weeps a thousand years until we are all united again
but where is the mother Earth?
She revolves alone on tilted axis keeping me off balance, feet sliding to the side hanging into empty space;tickled by passing comets
she is only here when her eyes are opened; sleepwalking an eternity away
leaving her children to play in the fire of alone
the three siblings create the trinity
place upon their mother's head a bed of thorns
now adorned queen
she must answer for the resulting sins grown from her decisions
but before sleep comes a vision
beautiful roses scattered along aisles of linen chairs
smiling faces
chiffon and pashmina
lacy ribbons in herb colored hues
floorlength seams
something borrowed
something blue
they laugh and dance to lies
wrapped around the rings like a locust in hibernation
only breaking through the earth when fully nourished by hidden frustration
the heart beats to intermittent fluctuations
Boom dada boom doom
Boom dada boom doom
happiness leaves the room
my eyes open to a throbbing heartache
dreams have become a notebook
one of which I fill with endless tales
dark perceptions of life's imperfections
visions of heaven non existent in the reflection
of water under the bridge


the moon's reflection on the water

My mind hasn’t drifted to this place in a while
the air is not the same
the sound that surrounds me is unfamiliar
faint when it was once loud, like legions of angels
strumming the tune on a broken harp
is it love again?
my ears are covered with sea shells
my heart
stuck on mute...