the end of the continuum from the perception of space and flesh – an ode to an imperfect existence

once was a time that our selves were one
all of the stars held court for the highest nobility
upon our staff we held the power of the sun
then a child born unto the galaxy gave us the trinity
we looked down upon the millions of life below
and witnessed the despair and victory of human kind
even with our clairvoyance we still shared a common sorrow
pulled down into a world of inferior thoughts from unconscious minds
in awe of a world of inhibition and licentious trials
then ascended upon the Earth in heavenly form
the lustful juices of forbidden fruits drip from our smile
our skin lay bare where concealment was once the norm
time winds forward and finds your mind with him
I share the secret touch with her and many more
an inhibition of sexual deviance takes over
crisscrossing paths give the need for a body count score
human carnage piles up into mounds of undulating flesh
and then
are lost
selves have been halved and self exists alone
we now survive on varied concepts of reality
and our paths transverse the planes we once called home


funniest thing I have ever seen

I know this is not poetry
But I had to share it with my readers. A video I came upon...

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