Conference room daydreaming

when I look in your direction
I hear..
..horns and strings orchestrated by angel's harps
such lovely arrangements
of melodies exist amidst
the profile of your body
the stares of curiosity bind my eyes
to mocha skin tickled by the morning sun
boricua, dominicana?
cape Verdean maybe......
the sounds you create
take me to space where my imagination has you as my Queen placed high atop our castle
you watch from the towers while I dash the spirits of dragons and suitors
that have mistaken your beauty as an open invitation for more than flirtation
then being overtaken in the midnight hours by your aromatic powers I rise to the occasion
and receive your soft lips against mine as a reward....our mouths touch...and I am awakened
by the woman I am dreaming of....
she rests her hand on mine...
I'm blinded from the brilliant shine coming from her ring finger
Have I been asleep that long?