true story

she has a fast car..
driving around but can't get too far..
they always seem to stop at my door
bags of insecure memories and totes full of shouldered burdens,
misconceived notions handed out by male oratory legends of lore
believing themselves to be gods
showing desire to be worshiped, catered to
telling tales of what's in store for you down the road..
if you just..
cosign for this credit card right here
baby please,
these jeans would look so good on me!!!

Bitch ass dudes
kicking game like they're the she
trading places for parking lot spaces
where the...
verbal garbage is parked on my street,
on my block
too many times she has used my steps as her last stop
and for real,
I am tired son
of patching up holes
your bullshit called home for so long
The hypocrisy is...
I was once like you...
full of premeditated dishonesty, trying to get what I need
..money, herb, the pussy
till I met, she
and she put it on me.. verbally ..
smoothly stating
One day this will all come back to haunt you
what if you had a daughter,
and some dude like you was kicking it to them

like she knew I was doing her...
hmmmm, I said with a rub of my chin,
shit was deep
I felt her, honestly...
we had a daughter
and I became the father
that all you broke ass dudes don't want to meet..