The Food 2.0

The food we feed our children with has run out and the kids are now suffering from malnutrition of positive role models. The days of our youth being influenced by the likes of Martin and Malcolm, Louis and Langston are long lost because now, they are fed bullets and drama. Babies filled with holes, souls empty, left alone to grow up in a community whose foundation is cracked itself. We look around and see thousands of young empty eyes unaware that the future for them is dim because their street lights were turned out before they even took their first breath. The sounds of baby screams keep me up at night tossing and turning, yearning to give them some lyrical food to eat. I wake from another midnight slumber to the sounds of the corner and then walk to the window and stick out my pen to test the temperature. My front stoop houses legions of street doctors from the 80's smacking babies with jums and tons of bubble gum flavored needles. Mothers surround the block looking for government cock because their mates suffer from incarcerated fates that pay for lives with currency concurrently. Just another plan to eradicate the sons of Africa. Little footprints outlined in blood cover the ground leading from the bank of the river Jordan, baptized in holy water so rich in ignorance that the stains will last forever. We flash in front of them humorous images of part time idols and now the television is responsible for more children than we are. The internet is blowing up with messages to electric gods ROTFG! Pedophiles preying on the children of absentee parents fill the empty ballots of prepubescent minds. The blinds are pulled on child molesters disguised as superstars with their freakish habits. The limbs of a countless number of children remain in trunks of the last platinum superstar. Appetites for destruction leave the parents with confusion once the deed is done. The models created end up in front of us and we are like,
"Who the fuck are you?!"
The children raise their eyes up then tilt their head and answer
"I am what I am fed."
The Food-