she had a freckle on her foot

she had a freckle on her foot
- a twinkle in her eye
dimple on her thighs
a southern sassy style
she had me at...
well you know
with just a hint of Hershey kiss
stuck with a set of raspberry covered lips
damn sister
you got it going on
we got it on
she got me...
singing in the shower
washing off sweat from another
two hour
the ‘c’ and ‘e’ repeating over and over
like a drummer’s cymbal
kick, drum, snare, kick, kick, snare
we share
rock and roll lovemaking
pulling on her hair
pulling on towels
lounging on the sofa
I move her closer
she notices me staring
and says...
"leave me and my freckle alone..."
from what I remember
it was a cute little thing
perfectly placed
right below her ankle bone