it seems so unreal - the night
she arrives and cloaks my surroundings like a purple veil over the brightest light
she is silent in her movements baring nothing on her body but the color of skin
her eyes
her essence

like a piece of onyx mined from a distant star
I enjoy the thought of her over an evening smoke
the strands of grass tickling her ear; pulling her closer into me
I inhale her smells winding all around me; vanilla and ebony oil 
tonight she and I are one
loving the time we share under the stars
they provide a guide for my hands as I grasp her along the So' Dine'é
I am her only audience; the only one to behold her in this form
Naked; but still cloaked in darkness
I smile at her attention to detail as she disrobes her final piece 
heedful to not wake her slumbering father 
the SUN
we kiss
like two comets that crash into one another
we kiss
the way that the ocean touches the sand
we kiss
like ...the ...first ...kiss
and I fall into her arms; it is here that I wait 
until the freshness of dawn wanders onto my skin 
we still lay wrapped; the night and I
embraced in the simplicity of it all
I stare into her eyes as I drift off to sleep
keeping my secret safe with me