Harvard St.

On Harvard St. there were never any sad rainy days
outside on the street in the rain, my friends and I would race boats 
made out of leaves 
that had fallen from the trees 
in the cool Autumn breeze in Boston. Dorchester to be exact
when I was little
she would watch my games out of the living room window
laughing at me because I look like a sailor; only smaller
with a big bow tie on:red
and orange band-aids against my copper skin
white shirt;favorite blue shorts
I would find the green leaves of the trees
the ones you can split
and stick on your nose
my boat is flying down the stream
dodging rocks and Pepsi cans
even with victory I know that the gutter awaits 
my rainy day shows me; in life all of the bad things go down the drain
so I smile
and she smiles
and I am happy
on Harvard St