missing notebook

I am on strike
not from love
or any other vice
I am on strike; my people
I'm missing my notebook
it reminds me of the time I left my bike out in front of the barbershop; only to come out ten minutes later to find Damien riding it under the El Tracks heading from North Hampton to Dover Station
I dodge in and out of the traffic following him; horns blaring and shining at the same time
by the time we made it to Cathedral High School, I was tired and he turned smiled and said
had enough
that day, as the wind stay swirling around the blond edges of my freshly cut high top fade, three stripes on the side right above the ear - rattail in the back; I look down at my gold & black ADIDAS Forums, and I know that I'm not running anymore, not today -
Give me my bike
-------------------------------- seems so long ago; today I am not that person, a shadow of the latter part of my light and I am tired of the darkness
the fight is too much; everywhere I turn, I am blocked off;
the only way is up and my vertical jump is one inch; used to be a cinch but now
is just
a bitch