It is dawn

The last of the night drips off of the moon and I find myself conversing with the remaining stars speckled here and there on the indigo canvas - conversations mixed with a Bin Shiraz, a green stuffed cigar and the occasional split from reality - my ears are filled with Miles and Coltrane - Hayes and Cooke - soulful classics that gloriously blend with the sounds of the early morning traffic - I am free -

- like the birds in flight rustled from their nest by the passing jet - just as free as the smoke that billows from the buildings across the river - I am free - from any constraints - any issues - any drama - any complaints - I am free

- free like the wind
- free like a balloon floating through the air
- free like a spirit released
- free like
- free like

I have always enjoyed this time of day - just me and the remaining stars toasting the next blessed dawn - the night escapes us like a thief in the night - cloaked by the rising sun - the warmth
of the new horizon breaks open a smile across my face

- and I am free